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1913 First Watermark Kangaroo INVERTED WATERMARK Perf �OS�� Cat $4,000:  A very rare stamp - only a very few are recorded in official OS perfin - even non OS are very scarce stamps.  Very clean and fresh, usual few shorter perfs as with all 1913 issues, and with deep bight colour, superb centering for any 1913 OS perf as you can see.  Clean and fresh and flat, and totally free of the usual hinges and gook and gunk and aging etc and neat Adelaide GPO cds. .  Excellent centering is truly scarce on any 1913 OS, as the Government Printer deliberately put aside BAD centred sheets for puncturing for the �Free Government Use� and most are SHOCKERS, as you would know if you have looked about.  SG #02w, and ACSC 17a, $4,000.  Bought well to sell for $3,000 UNDER Cat - $A995 (Stock 716JR)





Australia 1972 ANPEX Mini Sheets *TOTALLY IMPERFORATE*!  In 45 years of dealing, have never owned one.  This other very experienced dealer has never seen one either! -  - his price is $A250 as you can seeThe perforated versions of course are often seen. The serial numbers of those run into the 5000�s.  The ebay spiv sellers tear out the 3 stamps and offer them on ebay for $25 each as �spacefillers�.   THEY are common.  But the IMPERF sheets only had *150* made and were presented to attendees at the special expensive VIP dinner in Adelaide a half Century back - along with the other imperf mini sheet, the special heavy card dinner menu, and an FDC of different issues.  So what we have for sale here is the PRISTINE Mini Sheet shown above here, No #117, along with the sheet of 8 also IMPERF (most were issued perforated as well of course) is $A135 (Stock 482KW - the 2 x imperf sheets shown)  I also have the complete 1972 �ANPEX� VIP Dinner pack shown on link above, the same imperf Roo sheet (No #108) with light handling bend, a superb IMPERF sheet 8 MUH as shown above, the large, thick card ANPEX Dinner menu, and the special ANPEX Hovercraft cover with ANPEX cancel (4 pieces) for just $A145 (Stock 482KX)




Australia 1915 Second Watermark Roo Perf �OS� Fine Used:  The priciest 5/- watermark by a long way.  Clean fresh copy, good perfs and centering for these.  With attractive �LATE FEE�  cds, and not the usual huge smeary rubber thick lettered �Killers� used on Government parcels.  This Second Watermark (emergency war-time use on KGV watermark paper) was only on sale for a short time during WWI before the Third watermark 5/- was issued.  Only one printing of 679,920 were ever issued.  Issued in the middle of WWI, as Germans were sinking merchant ships bringing the correct Roo watermark paper from the UK.  Good centering is truly scarce on any early OS, as the Government printer deliberately put aside BAD centred sheets for puncturing for the �Free Government use� and most are SHOCKERS, as you would know if you have looked about.

These as we all know, usually have ugly �fluffy� perfs barely punched out, and with centering all over the place.  Deep rich, unfaded, GLOWING Chrome Yellow colour.  Clean and flat and very fresh, with no usual thins, creases, hinges, gook or gunk on back, to hide faults. Roos ears are just outside of map as you can see, which is highly popular.   I keep EVERY Australian stamp in stock 1913-1980 and in FIVE grades for each, from Spacefiller to Superb Used, to suit EVERY budget.  I have EASILY the world�s largest stock of used Roos, normal and �OS�.  I have this exact stamp in stock from $150 to $600 in cost, depending on how fussy or non-fussy you are!  Contact me re your Australia USED gaps.  Read up on Used Kangaroo Grading here -    I�ve seen similar looking copies of this get over $500 lately!  SG #037.  ACSC Cat 43a, $A700.  Just $US255 right now. $A350 (Stock 462GW)




Australia 1937 Definitives *TRIO* on FDC!  These pre-war FDC are all incredibly scarce, and ALL are miles underpriced by the market today.  Back then, FDC collecting was not popular at all.  Near all issues are non-existent on FDC!  Almost no Kangaroos of any value or watermark or era are known on FDC.  Indeed NONE of the last watermark, mid 1930s/1945 CofA Roos exist on any kind of FDC.  Clearly no-one really cared about FDC back then.  I see one of these each decade or so and nice ones I usually sell for $250.  The pre-war Australia FDC that do exist before the 1937 NSW Sesqui in October 1937, are nearly all blank or �uncacheted� covers like this.  Has the wonderful corner card of �The Ladies Lounge� The Myer Emporium Ltd, Melbourne. Have never seen that before. 

Back 85 years ago, these FDC all went through the mail system, and this is hence in VERY FINE condition for something that literally travelled 10,000 miles to Kent, UK!   3d Blue is Die 1, clean and flat, and crisp cds of �Ship Mail Room - 2 AUG : 37 - Melbourne VIC�.  Crisp, clear super sharp Melbourne roller cancel of same date on reverse as double proof.  1937 was at tail end of The Great Depression, hence the very few pricey FDC serviced, as 1/9d was a lot of money.  Our unemployment rate then reached 32% - the second highest globally.  Exports had collapsed then.  ACSC is Cat $275 for the typical VERY average grade.  Pristine facially for 85 years old, that went all the way to UK - $A175 (Stock 572YW)




SYDNEY 2000 Olympics, Australia Post �Prime Minister�s Dinner�, Deluxe Stamp Album $A325:  What a truly cool item.  The Australian Prime Minister hosted an official Olympics dinner, and as Australia Post were a Major Sponsor of the 2000 Olympics, they offered to present all participants with a super Deluxe, brass cornered Album for the attendees.  The exact same presentation as the 4 x superb late 1990s Australia Post �Engraved Stamps� books, (all of which I have in stock at similar price!) with Brass corners, and heavily Gold embossed front covers, with Coat Of Arms of the Commonwealth of Australia, with the Olympic Wreath all around it (!), and hard matching slipcases etc.  And a ton of Australia Post Olympic stamp issues inside as you can see in link below.

Near all the attendees there were IOC Big Shots, and Senior Politicians and dignitaries, and former ozzie Olympians and so on, who kept them as classy Dinner souvenirs, so very few of these Albums ever leaked into the secondary market.  When did YOU ever see one???   AP never SOLD any of these to the public. These are hence HEAVILY sought, not only by Olympic Collectors globally - but by all keen collectors of Australia Post official issues.  They are almost never seen in the marketplace.  Prestige Auctions invoiced one for $365 in Auction #88, and the only other one I�ve seen is in dealer stock now for $375 � see following link.  The large book has 44 pages, plus many printed, heavy duty, frosted type interleaves - all GOLD blocked page edges even, and in a hand numbered Limited Edition.  DOZENS more pix here -  $A325
(Stock 682LB)




GB MUH Decimal collection 1971-2018 **Near Complete**  $1,000 #UNDER FACE#!:   What a buy!  Owner has a near complete GB Decimal collection from first commems in 1971 right up until 2018.  Near FIFTY years of GB MUH stamps here!  In several volumes and many Hagners.  First volume is an as new KABE Deluxe Hingeless album � retail $150 etc.   Looked nice and clean and fresh when taking pix.  Appears to be 100% complete or very darn near � owner had a standing order with Max Stern for all new issues.  The FACE VALUE ALONE is �2,042.56 = $A4,000+.  Detailed face value notes are attached for your easy checking.  SG cat will be several times that.  Plus, many $100s for the albums/hagners etc.  Say $4,300 actual cost.  He paid Max well above that of course to buy them as new issues. 

Complete sets, high values, se-tenant strips, blocks, mini sheets and all the GOODIES.  Nothing removed of course.  EVERYTHING he had is in here.   HEAPS of pix here -   Anything UK mint after 2000 is �Liquid Gold�.  Anything after 2010 is �LIQUID PLATINUM�!!! Retail is several times face, so retail will be around $A10,000 for the stamps and albums, at a rough guess.  FACE VALUE alone is over $A4,000, and retail about $10,000 - but my insane price ex Estate bought well is $2,995 CASH!   You are not just buying a superb GB collection, but you are buying CASH at $1,000 under face.   They can all be used on mail today, tomorrow, and in 10 years. Or superb for an ebay re-seller etc.  You are buying �100 banknotes for �75!  Only a VERY few photos are shown on ink above - should have done more pix of the very modern sets, but ran out of puff!  $A2,995 *cash*
(Stock 745KP)




Geoff Kellow the superb 'Stamps Of Victoria' Retail $165 - *SPECIAL* at $A125:   "The Stamps of Victoria", by Dr Geoff Kellow, FRPSL, RDP.  The definitive publication on this subject, this book presents in a comprehensive and readable form, an in-depth treatment of all of Victoria's stamps.  For each Victorian stamp, a history is presented in its entirety, including design essays and printer's proofs.  It is large A4 format hardbound and beautifully illustrated (approximately 900 illustrations), many in colour, over 400 pages.  Still the pre-eminent reference, this book presents an in-depth treatment of all of Victoria's stamps.  For each stamp a history is presented in its entirety, commencing with essays and proofs, production techniques, printing characteristics and quantities.  All known errors and varieties are discussed.  Extensively illustrated.  Awarded a FIP Gold Medal as a publication.  A must-have reference for collectors and EVERY dealer, and those interested in the Philately, and history of Victoria.  This superb publication has won many awards at Philatelic Exhibitions including a Gold Medal at FIP Kuala Lumpur.  High original price - of retail $A165 - and I have seen these get as high as $200 + buyer's premium at auction.  Found some in my stock room!

THE Ultimate reference on Victoria.  Quoted as "The Bible" by most.  Large hardbound by RPSV.  Almost never offered.  Profuse illustrations, incl colour plates.  With original gloss dust jacket. BRAND NEW.  Stamps, Duties, Dues, Railways, Excellent Postal Stationary, forgeries, reprints, Specimens, CTOs -  the WORKS on this state - and all compiled by Dr. Kellow, the man who had a superb personal collection of this state.   And he worked using full access to Rod Perry�s collection too - who owned THE finest collection ever formed of this State - surpassing even Bill Purves superb efforts.  Numbers sold, and numbers printed and listed for many issues .. info found nowhere else.  Detailed write ups of how to sort printings within printings. For the early Victoria issues that info is a GOLDMINE!  Unbeatable preface on printing and perforation styles used.  Brilliant coverage on the complicated "Half Lengths".  The much thinner, modern era Robert Gibbs "GRI" book sold for $A750 at a recent Prestige sale, so superb content hard-cover books in a small print run always do very well long term.  Retail $165 - just $A125 (Stock 842FQ)




Canada 1929 50c and $1 top values - absolutely SUPERB for $A350:  The 50c BLUENOSE is the all time Classic 20th Century stamp from Canada of course.  This pair were purchased from a new issue service near 100 year back, and sat in this massive album for all that time until I just bought it - see here -   The faintest hinge touches, on fresh flat original gum.  These had thick, gloopy, super shiny glossy gum, that so OFTEN sticks to old album pages, and mostly thins and damages stamps over the past century.  AND/OR they have several old yellow hinge chunks, you can NEVER peel off.  These are as good as these get.  Centering in Canada is near as crazy fanatical as the USA.  Far LESS attractive �XF� centred hinged copies sell EACH, for my asking price on the PAIR -  as you can see -  and  SG 284/285, Cat �300 for average examples.  The Price for perfection -  just $A215 each your choice, or the BOTH for $A350 (Stock 614EK)





Australia 1963 Navigators set 6 attractive *MUH* $A180 (*Or* Fine Used - $A140!) :  If there is just ONE stamp absent from any QE2 collection of Australia it is the �2 Admiral King stamp.  Every time.  THE priciest Australian stamp post-war.  A super high value issued late 1964, and replaced a year or later by the new Decimal $4 of same design, so a VERY short life.  �2 Admiral King stamp and the ship �Mermaid� is the KEY post war stamp from Australia, and sells for far more USED than mint out of interest!  �2 was 480 pence.  The set 6 cost 1038 pence at the PO.  A standard letter cost 5 pence (5d) then, until decimal currency in 1966, when it became 4c.  So this cost 207.6 first class stamps.  Taking today�s $1.50 first class letter rate as our guide, this was $A311 in today�s money, so you needed a BIG wage to warrant that high cost - way over a half Century back.  You are paying about HALF the initial PO cost price essentially!  (Clean *FU* cds set of 6, cat �120, is just $A140 - Stock 742JB � far SCARCER used than mint actually!)  Quite nice centering for these, especially key values, clean and flat, with guaranteed original gum MUH.  Retail $275, and out they go at $95 under retail - which is about $US130 as I type this. $A180 (Stock 742JA)




Tasmania 1864 3d Sage Green, St George & Dragon the original IMPERFORATE on THIN paper *INVERTED OVERPRINT*:  Fresh unused on the THIN PAPER overprinted REPRINT.  The much later perforated versions of this, on thick CARD are pretty common - I have had complete sheets before of all those.  Never in 45 years have I had this ORIGINAL UPU Specimen Reprint, in fully IMPERFORATE.  (See note after SG F25.)  SG F1, Cat �750 mint and �275 used, so this is the ONLY way to fill that space affordably!  Better still has the word REPRINT Inverted - apparently only 3 or 4 copies are recorded thus.  $A275 (Stock 594LQ)




Western Australia 1854 1d Black Swan Imperf.  Retail $A350 - near HALF that - $A195!:  Clean, bright attractive copy, and best of all - totally free of creases, tears or toning etc so often seen on these 167 year old issues.  Juzwin retail $350 for good used grade, which will be inferior to this one.  HALF the Juzwin retail!   Razor sharp crisp printing impression, as you can see.  Clean and flat and totally free of faults.  100% guaranteed by me to have NO faults or defects or repairs.  These were printed on wafer thin paper, and thus near all get damaged.  Totally free of the usual hinges and gunk and gook and foxing, that nearly always hide thins, and closed tears, on these truly ancient, Golden Oldies.

The best known "SG #1" from Australasia - and STILL very affordable - WAY under the price of the current PO Deluxe Year album - literally!  Believed to be the world's first BIRD stamp.  Crisp and light �2�  barred grid cancel.  SG 1, �350=$A700.  Bought cheap in an estate, so out it goes today.  Absurd!   The record breaking Lord Vestey Western Australia stamp auction saw SG re-price the WA section.  Due to higher than full SG catalogue results at Spink -  - as I outlined in detail in my �Stamp News� column - often selling for MANY times full SG Cat.  Nice colour and crisp razor sharp plate impression and light cancel, and 4 clear margins.  Only around $US140 as I type this and $500 UNDER SG price!. $A195
(Stock 294LT)





New Zealand 1931, 3d Chocolate Airmail, rare perf, 14 x 15:  One of the rare airmail stamps rom the pacific. Only a small number of sheets were issued in this scarcer perf.  Clean and flat and superb used and rich colour.  FREE of the usual toning this chalk faced issue attracts most times.  SG 548a, �425=$A850.  ACSC 146a, $1,000.  Been 10 years since I had one.  Guaranteed the correct perf of course, and expertised on reverse. $A285 (Stock 619JK)






Seychelles, KEVII 2 Chestnut and Green, with Major SG Variety �Dented Frame Along Shading Line Under E� - clean VFU, with light, correct cds cancel.  SG 456a, 190=$A380 used.  The major plate variety.  Have never seen another, and the neat cancel is totally clear of the variety.  Superb perfs and centering.  One of the classics, in top shape, yet priced at $200 under SG cat!  $A180 (Stock 475EB)






ACSC "Postal Stationery" Catalogue - 484 pages, all in colour:  Including Australian Territories,  Latest Edition which updates the first edition of seven years back, incorporating a number of corrections and new discoveries.  In particular, the Postal Cards up to 1936 have been extensively revised, and there are many additions to the listing of Lettercards.  The decimal Stationery produced by the Note Printing Branch is included for the first time.  All prices have been fully updated.  In full colour, 484 x large A4 heavily illustrated pages, perfect bound.  If you only buy one catalogue each decade, whether you are a dealer or a collector, or Auction, you MUST have this.  Detailed review of the first edition was in "Stamp News" - and gives you an idea of detailed content in here - - The most common innocuous looking thing on your desk might be valued at ten times the purchase price of this catalogue!  I kid you not.  Maybe 25 times.

There are HUNDREDS of items in here listed at between $5,000 and $15,000 EACH.  EVERY item is illustrated in colour (reduced in size of course) - a GODSEND for many of the earlier Registration envelopes etc. (Only about 4 pieces in the entire book, they were unable to get copies of to scan!)  Very coolly, all down the outer spine is colour coded to go to Wrappers - go right to the BLUE tagged edges.  For postcards go to PURPLE tags etc.  A breeze to use quickly, as I need to do each day.

I HATED using the initial huge ring binder edition as time went on, as the printer punched the holes way too small in my view.  Making finding any given section an annoying juggling act, risking damaging and tearing all earlier pages each time.  This one is a BREEZE to use.  For instance ALL the �View� Lettercards are now all illustrated and priced SEPARATELY - some 170 different!  Some of these are worth a fortune, and dealers and collectors without this book have not got a CLUE as to what is scarce, and what is not.  You will easily pay for this book with the first vaguely scarce view you pick up on ebay etc.

There are all the Aerograms illustrated - many quite valuable, all the wide range of Military material, WW2 Food Parcel labels (one is cat $10,000, and another $7,500!), and even all the myriad of different views on the initial 1911 �Coronation" set.  All priced separately. The highest price in here I saw was $15,000 for a KGV low face value reply card, that I bet a lot of overseas (even local!) sellers would price at $20 retail and cross their fingers!  It is huge - near 500 large A4 pages, on quality grade paper, in full colour - all proudly printed and produced here in Sydney Australia.

Edited by Dr. Geoff Kellow, the usual super high standard of original research work and fine attention to detail has taken place here.  Geoff told me much of his original research on numbers printed of the early issues has never been published before the ACSC did these.  Not only Australia is covered, but the �Territories� and that includes all the �Formular� Aerograms and airletters etc for the Territories.  And all the Papua early issues, and GRI material, and PNG and Cocos and Christmas Islands etc. This is all listed and priced.  Heaps more pix are here of contents etc -  $A240 (Stock 782DV)



Hong Kong, 2007 �PRESTIGE ANNUAL STAMP ALBUM� $A110:   An overlarge, hard slip cased, classy looking album.  Far larger than any Australia Annual album.  Totally unopened and pristine.  Cost price was $HK490 = $A90+ with note on back from PO to that effect.  There is a somewhat similar design cover one from 2007, that cost less at PO.  Even they are not common, and retail for well over $A100.  After a 15 minute search I could not see one offered anywhere, for any price, at any time.  Check for yourself - these must have had a tiny number done?  Bought from an ExPat banker then working in HK, for whom cost was never an object!  A really superb deal for someone.  $A110 (Stock 397KQ)




Australia PO Packs 1970-1974 x 50. Retail $800 for just $A175!  A superb hoard for someone.  Bought by a Postmaster 50 years ago, as they each came out.  All sealed and nice.  Generally a few of each.  This is the GOLDEN ERA.  PO only started issuing PO packs in 1969 so these are the SUPER early ones, and few bothered.  And those that were bought, were torn open for the stamps.  This has the very scarce 1971 Xmas Blocks of 7 - and FOUR of the really scarce 1972 "BEEF" or Primary Industry sets 5 etc, etc. So these super earlies sell superbly well on ebay etc, and the "Stamp Boom" started latter 1970s and NONE of these got bought in multiples, as the 1980 era was.  Bought cheap in 20 storage tubs of material, so OUT it goes at a super silly $175!  Current retail is $800 as you can see here - Full listing and many more pix is there - $A175 (Stock 659UF)   







German "Lighthouse" Deluxe 64 page stockbooks, Crocodile skin covers, *WAY UNDER RETAIL*!:  24 carat GOLD cornered stockbooks.  CLASSY!  For the collector who wants the VERY best for their stamps. "MILES under RETAIL"  As you can see on link below, Australian recommended retail is $A97.50 each.  My bulk buy price is near 30% UNDER that!   Offered these in past years and was stampeded with orders.  Made another huge bulk buy, so here we go AGAIN!  Took 3 months to arrive from COVID Europe.  Rich, attractively deep grained Crocodile skin style cover, in the 3 colours, with 24 carat GOLD plated corners for long life.  The top of the range style, "DELUXE" - from the very top maker.  The very classiest stockbooks I've ever sold or handled.  Expensive Padded covers, DOUBLE glassine interleaving, quality double linen hinging for very long life and ease of use, and in rich, sumptuous, very realistic looking Crocodile skin grain, genuine leather covers as per many photos HERE -  CLEAR strips, not glassine, so you can SEE your stamps - not the cheap cloudy glassine strips as used on many lower cost books, that obscure the stamp designs.  TWICE as thick as most stockbooks sold, 64 pages in EACH.  Popular BLACK pages, so all your stamps look superb. Six Books is a massive 384 storage pages.

That is around $1 a page - near HALF the $1.75 RRP price of a Hagner sheet even - and the classy Crocodile skin leather covers, and 24 Carat gold corners are a bonus.  With Hagners, you need to then buy Binders at $30 each!  Taking the price per page up to THREE times these.  For foreign buyers, VERY cheap air shipping to you on cartons of 6 - ask me!  The "Lighthouse" brand is the global market leader - the Mercedes Benz of all makers, and uses carefully selected board, with anti-fungal agents added into there, to keep YOUR stamps safe.  Or buddy up with a friend or stamp club members, grab a carton, and share them around.  THAT makes sense.  Each book is factory clear shrink wrapped for gift giving, and secure moisture proof storage, if you do not use them all now.  Or, if you prefer the thinner usual size 32 page Lighthouse stockbooks, my other offer is here - also great buying - - for either offer, LayBy/Layaway is also fine. (Note COVID currency/freight adjustment of 13% applies on ALL prices on there, these included.)   Buy a box as a gift for yourself - $100 or so a month payment for a few months, and you will be set.  ** For any overseas buyer I can offer VERY cheap shipping on these HEAVY boxes 6 - ask me **.  Retail is $A585 a box - you save MEGA dollars a box!  $A230 for 3 (Stock 482KX) or a carton of SIX for just $A400  (Stock 482KW)





1916 �1 Brown and Blue Kangaroo stamp, neatly used:  In my 45 years as a dealer I�d say this is the ONE stamp missing from 99.999% of simplified Australian collections I see.  It only came in 2 watermarks, and both are WAY into 4 figures, even used.  The next hardest to get face different stamp - the �2 Black and Red Kangaroo, costs under one quarter of this in used.  With the �2 Roo, collectors can also �cheat�, and buy a mint CofA �Specimen� for $100 if they wish - but the lowest price �1 Bi-Colour �Specimen� is $900.  Worse still, MOST of these used �1 Bi-Colours look really terrible, with horrid �fluffy� unpunched perfs being normal, and often have very washed out colours, and poor centering, horrid cancels, and back faults and creases/tears or worse etc, from the very heavy parcel use.  

The Third Watermark Kangaroos were issued and printed during WWI, when getting reliable ink supplies from the traditional ink suppliers - GERMANY was of course a BIG issue, for some odd reason!  So the printers used whatever was on hand that remotely looked like �Blue� or �Brown� ink etc, hence the vast range of shades recorded in this value.  MOST of them were in pale shades of each, and look pretty washed out - even when mint.  Most of them also have �fluffy� or �woolly� perfs, as perforating heads were not replaced on schedule - again, as those replacement parts also came from GERMANY!  Arthur Gray told me THIS bi-colour stamp value was his absolute favourite of the entire Kangaroo series, and I�d have to agree.  He insisted this stamp be the solo front cover item on the $7� million Auction sale catalogue. This one is flat and fresh, with NO ugly usual foxing, grubbiness, creases or thins or aging/foxing etc.

Near all �1 Bi-Colour Kangaroos are cancelled in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane of course.  Often with the horror smeary thick rubber boot-heel Parcel Branch �Killers�.  This one has a far neater than usual cds - �REGISTERED - 21 MY : 19 - SYDNEY  N.S.W�.  ACSC 52, $2,500.   I have owned literally 100s of these over 45 years, and near all are rough looking grade.  MOST are truly woeful lookers.  I saw one with a completely missing corner get 4 figures on ebay recently!   Mad Bunnies.  Clean and flat and fresh and bright colour, and way over a Century old now of course.  A used Block 4 with faults, sold for $20,000 at public auction -   I have ALL used Roos in stock, in 5 Grades, Superb to Spacefiller - ask if you need another grade.  SG 44, �1,600=$A3,200.  $A995 (Stock 783KW)



  Territory Of New Guinea, 1935 Bulolo Airmail Stamp, �2 Violet, Clean FU, $A225:  One of the most iconic Airmail stamps from the entire Pacific in the 1930s - SG 204.  Incredibly high value - the largest denomination Australia ever had here was also a �2, and even those used are scarce and expensive - the CHEAPEST �2 Roo watermark being $600 used!  This was a month�s gross wages for anyone who had a job in the height of The Great Depression.  Clean, well centred, fresh and clean, with deep rich original colour.  Free of all hinges, gook and gunk and aging etc after 86 years.  And free of the old gook and gunk and the normal THINS and creases and scuffs and tears, that these coarse blotting paper stamps mostly get, as they were used on VERY heavy Gold Bullion parcels, as there were no roads up there in the highlands.  Neat and super light ��WAU�� crisp cds, and good perfs for these as you can see, that were lumpy single line perf, on coarse blotting paper and SUPERB centering for these.  Has a nice �Doctor Blade� ink wiping flaw top right as you can see, as a nice bonus.  I handle just one or two of these stamps each few years.  I handle MANY DOZENS of used �2 Roos a year - which are priced at several times this, but they are 100 times more plentiful!  I see literally one of these �2 Bulolo stamps a year � maybe, yet priced LESS than the price of current PO year album!  $A225 (Stock 468EL)  



Australia 1916 4d Lemon Yellow fresh *MUH* Original gum Cat $950 � just $A225!:  The absolute KEY stamp from any collection of KGV heads in MUH.  This one is fresh MUH original gum, 100% guaranteed.  Small perf repair at left, and visually most attractive as can be seen.  These seldom scan well due to the very pale lemon colour.  Most offered on FakeBay etc of course are NOT Lemon Yellow, and Bunnies are ripped off there on a weekly basis buying the way cheaper Orange Yellow shades etc.  Printed in mid WWI, these extreme shades demonstrate the dilemma the stamp printer had.  All printer INKS came from Germany and Austria then, who of course they were talking to us then!  The printer grabbed barrels of ANY local ink supplies looking vaguely �Orange� hence the vast range of shades in this WWI 4d.  ACSC #110D - $950 as MUH, and they are truly, very seldom seen thus as way over a Century old now - $A225 (Stock 472AJ)




1913 First Watermark 2�d superbly fresh, complete ROW 6!   Never had one before, and with the popular solid Jubilee lines each end, a most striking looking showpiece.  SUPER FRESH WHITE GUM MVLH, lightest hinge touches - been in Europe all its life.  Nice deep colour, and excellent perfs and centering for ANY First Watermark multiple as you can see.  A mint block 4 even is very scarce, and a complete row is a fantastic looking item, and will be extremely rare thus.  From the left pane, and ACSC #9, $900++++ as 6 singles!   You will NEVER see another mint strip 6 most likely - a ��sexy�� looking strip 6, and one to tuck away for sure for the future at just - $A595 (Stock 492HQ)




GB 1847 1/- Green �Embossed� attractive used. SG Cat �1,000=$A2,000, for just $A295!  A most appealing looking copy as you can see - very attractive for 173 years old.  MANY are ugly cut to shape.  Queen�s head is crisply and deeply and sharply embossed - very often flattened out when soaking and drying etc.  These stamps were tediously HAND embossed/crimped onto very stout paper/light card, ONE stamp at a time by printer.  The placement of each image varied wildly on every sheet, and very often overlapped, as the SG notes clearly tell us.  Unusually light cancel for these. Often these were obliterated by very heavily inked �Killers�.  Nice colour and attractive, with absolutely no repairs, or usual added corners, and no hinge remains or gook to disguise faults, and a very nice stamp.  These all had 2 vertical twisted silk threads embedded in the paper as an anti-forgery device, and over 173 years these OFTEN spilt the stamps into segments. These 2 are fine and have not split the paper.  Bought well, so an attractive above average stamp, at a very small % of Gibbons.  SG 58, Cat �1,000 = $2,000 - just 15% of SG -  $A295 (Stock 613BC)




GB 1977 Silver Jubilee 8�d *TOTALLY IMPERFORATE* - Cat �1,200 for just $A650!:  Fresh and superb example of this very rare error, of which owner note stated only one part sheet was ever discovered.  Blue and metallic silver - a gorgeous looking pair visually - scans never show metallic ink well.  Fresh flat MUH with good margins.  SG 1033a, �1,200=$A2,400.  One of the key QE2 era imperfs, and bought well so out it goes at just $A650 (Stock 657BJ)



1918 10/- Kangaroo Grey and Bright Aniline Pink, Superb Used:  This WWI 10/- Roo is REALLY hard to source in VFU grade.  It was a fortune back then, and was used on very heavy parcels, and the stamps got banged and bashed about and damaged - near all my used stock is defective.  These are MANY times scarcer than the 20 year later 10/- CofA watermark Roos.   A beauty, with �SYDNEY - 20� GPO cancel, totally clean of the Roo, and totally superior perfs and centering for any Third Watermark 10/-.   Clean and fresh, and free of the usual hinges and gook and gunk and aging of a Century old stamp.  Deep, vibrant, glowing colour as you can see.  SG 43a, �325=$A650 as the cheapest shade.   I have Australia�s best range of Australian Kangaroo stamps.   Mint and Used - all watermarks, all values to �2, and in all condition grades, from SUPERB to SPACEFILLERS.  I have THIS stamp in 5 grades used.  Whatever grade you seek, whatever your budget, I can assist, at great prices - contact me with your Want List!  About good as you will get anywhere for this WWI toughie - $A400 (Stock 425AX)




British Virgin Islands 1982 Lions Club International Miniature Sheet IMPERF at top - $A150:   Bought an ''Errors'' collection this month, and in that collection was the nearby British Virgin Islands Miniature Sheet, designed by Harrison's Studio London, with a missing strike of top perf comb, leaving 2 of the stamps totally Imperforate at top.
He was a Lions Club International big shot member, and he paid $500 at 'London 1990' his notes said, and was told no others were recorded.  Fresh MUH, and most attractive as can be seen.  It was the issue in 1982 Celebrating the Anniversary of the Lions Club of Tortola BVI, and has the familiar Lions Club International logo at top right.  Have no real idea of value, as BVI issues are out of my usual wheelhouse, and I have no regional catalogue covering these, but for just a tad over $US100, it can all be yours! 
(Stock 693JW)




FRANCE from SG #1 in Davo Album.  SG $20,000 - for just $A1,250:  1849 to 1970 in a luxury DAVO album - retail $200 new.  The gorgeous Royal Blue cloth covered peg album, with superb and rich colour Coat of Arms on front cover and spine.  From a sound FU 4 margin SG #1 onwards, and a very decent job has been made of filling this book out.  Only a few pages shown above.  Strong in all eras.  SG Cat �10,163 = $A20,000, all marked in light erasable 4B pencil for your easy checking.  Very solid range, and the vast bulk of value is in the key 20th Century area, not high cat imperfs!  FIFTY good images here -  Mint and used.  Some light ageing and issues seen here and there, as always with old albums - has been untouched for 50 years.  A quick bath of many will improve these enormously. 

Things like the key and expensive 1950s used commem sets have a few musty perfs here and there - a quick warm water ��bath��, and they will be superb etc.  Many key items are superb, and many are expertised.  MANY 3 figure retail value stamps or sets here.  OFTEN the high cat items are in nice to superb shape, from SG#1.  Many of the Commemorative sets are priced about the same mint or used, so if you do not like hinges etc wash them off, and you have ''VFU''!  Some decent sets are MUH in clear mounts.  Very strong Airmails as you can see, and Postage Dues, and officials etc as well etc.  Bought very well, so out it goes at a tiny % of SG - just so busy now, no time to remove the many better pieces that I'd usually do, to sell off separately.  The entire album - out it goes for just $US935!  $A1,250 (Stock 769DX)








Australia Official PO FDC 1970-78 the TOUGH era. Retail $700+ - $A275:   Burgundy Australia Post album (Retail $60) with nice clean, near complete collection 1970 to 1978 of Official Post Office FDC. The era near EVERYONE is missing.  Australia PO only started to make pictorial FDC in 1970.  Latter 1970s, to 1990 are incredibly abundant, as we had a massive "Stamp Boom" then, where investors jumped onto the scene, often buying 5 or 10 of each FDC.  HEAPS of pix here -  So we have a near complete run of the very TOUGH era 1970-1978, only a few missing. 95 FDC - ASC retail $649 .. see detailed sheets on link above, plus a $60 album - so we have over $700 retail here for just $A275.  A clean attractive lot. $A275 (Stock 757SY)





200 x *MUH* Australia 1931 Kingsford Smith inc Plate Number Blocks 4. $A225:  SG #121, cat �2.25=$A4.50 each as HINGED singles - these are all MUH! ACSC $5 EACH for MUH - plus $100s extra for the plate numbers.  The LOT for about a buck apiece.   Mailing a local letter today costs that!  HEAPS more pix of them here -   From the quite massive THREE Generation, �Townsville North Queensland Hoard� collection we flew back with - 100s of kilos of better material - in 8 huge removalist cartons -  Bought as new issues from the PO, 90 years back, and were stored in a glassine UNTOUCHED from that date.  All fresh MUH original hand applied gum Arabic, and NEVER been hinged - even on outer margins! 

FACE value is a whopping 33/- ... had owner bought a Small Multi Watermark MUH �2 (40/-) KANGAROO from the PO with that kind of money - which was current in 1931, Cat of that is $20,000 MUH - I kid you not!  ACSC $50 per Plate block x 7 = $350, plus 6 x Plate number pairs so cat of JUST those is about $450.  Great investor, or specialist, or re-seller lot.  Assembled at issue time of the stamps at face value, and I am very slowly working through it, and listing up a few more interesting pieces that catch my eye, whenever I get 10 minutes spare, here and there!  Will take me 20 more years to wade through it all. I grab a few now and again, and scan and add them up here.  None of these stamps has EVER been on the stamp market before, in the past Century or so. You will be the FIRST collector to own them since! Amazing original find. $A225
(Stock 714LB





GB 1840 �Penny Black� attractive used - $A350:  "The World's First Stamp"  Even 2 or 3 margin, common plate number real roughies these days, can cost $100s, as many 1000's are sold to China each year by Gibbons and others, in a large consumer marketing drive, and prices are up.  This one is Lettered "A.F."  with a very lightly struck, Vermillion Red Maltese Cross cancel, as you will agree - so much nicer than a usual heavy BLACK MX as most 1d Backs have!   Every collector wants a "Penny Black" on the frontispiece page of their album, no matter what country they collect.  If your initials are �A.F.� - even better!  SG #1G, with Red MX -  �From �425� = $A850.  4 good clear margins as you can see, clean and fresh and flat, on small piece of original letter, and free of gook and gunk and repairs and tears - and now 181 years old.  GREAT eye-appeal, as you can see for $500 less than Gibbons.  Indeed less than the price of the current PO Year Album - Insane.  (I always have several lower priced 1d Blacks on hand - please enquire!)  Only $US255 as I type: $A350 (Stock 482LW)




Australia 1/6d Hermes 1934 MUH pair, inc a claimed �Dull Lilac� Proof:  Interesting lot from Estate.  Owner had invoice for a leading Melbourne dealer for the left hand stamp for $1,500 as the �Dull Lilac� Proof - ACSC 161PP(1).  Have never handed this shade before but clearly is a ton different colour than the normal 1/6d Dull Claret ACSC 161, cat $125 MUH, and is a part Ash Imprint single, Cat $650 in block.  Both well centred MUH, no watermark, single line perf. (SG 153)  Bought well in the Estate, so out they do for $300 the pair - the price of 2 normal MUH singles!  $A300 (Stock 492JQ)




Bahawalpur 1948 Defins Tops Vals VFU - SG $A850 for $A250!:  Superb recess printed large stamps by De La Rue in London. ! Rupee to 19 Rupee top values of set.  Missing from EVERY KGVI British Empire Collection, and I�ve never had these before.  Show me ANY others for sale globally - they are rare.  Clean FU, SG 29/32, �425=$A850, and all expertised.  All depict the Emir Of Bahawalpur, who was a super serious stamp collector, who once owned the Imperforate 1928 Kookaburra Mini Sheet that sold for $320,000 etc. $A250 (Stock 534JX)





"THE SWEDEN TRESKILLING YELLOW" Superb Hard Covered Book by Lars Fimmerstad:  Published in 2004 - superb hardcover: 185 pages done in a small print run.  The only example I can see for sale is $US275 second-hand, plus huge post cost to oz via: - landed cost to you of that will be $A400!  An essential book for any decent stamp library.

This is a 185 page hardback book titled "THE TRESKILLING YELLOW : The Most Valuable Thing in the World". Written by Lars Fimmerstad and published in 2004.  The "Treskilling" Yellow is a famous postage stamp of Sweden, and considered to be the most valuable stamp in the world.  This is its fascinating story and detailed history.  Beautifully illustrated, with heaps of vintage black and white, and colour photographs.

In BRAND NEW excellent condition.  Was still sealed in shrink-wrap, and I only opened it to take a few photos - contact me if you want me to email you more images. My detailed review of it here -  The sought after superbly written ENGLISH Edition is offered here!  Rare - most that exist are in Swedish or German. $A150
(Stock 958BP)



The Engraved Stamps Of The Commonwealth Of
Australia - price *Reduced* $A200 this month!


The quite magnificent official Australia Post produced coffee table book:  Compiled by Richard Breckon, the respected PO Archivist, and the PO Art Team.  Brass cornered, beautifully gold deeply embossed leatherette cover, gilt edged outer leaf edges, with matching marbled heavy slipcase.  Issued in a VERY limited Edition for Australia 99�.   I am advised only a few 100 copies were ever made, and were a near instant sell-out, even at the very high issue price.  Three similar later books were issued - �Royalty�, 32 Die Proofs (Stock 428YR)  Blue book �Federation�, 30 Die Proofs (Stock 428YU) and Green Book �Transportation�, 32 Die Proofs (Stock 428YX) were also sold in FAR lower numbers -  $A400 EACH book, or all 3 for $A1,100. (Stock 428YZ).  Being quite recent, they almost NEVER come on the market - no-one wants to let them go!  HEAPS more pix of them here -

Semi opaque interleaved pages with designs printed on them.  On real heavyweight grade archival weight paper.  Varnished glazed paper for effect in parts. The photos here really do not begin to convey the lavishness and class of this book.  My guess is the book and slipcase cost well over $100 to make - 20 years back.  Shows masses of issued designs and superlative background info.  A4, similar in size to a Leather PO Year Book.  Also contains 28 different Official correct size recess printed, Intaglio DIE PROOFS in black from the original steel Master Dies.  From 1913 1d Engraved KGV, to 1965 Anzac.  Inc most early commems - like Harbour Bridge, Jubilee, Canberra, Hermes, Sturt, SesquiCentenary etc.  Also high value Definitives like the �1 Robes and Arms, 7/6d Cook &c.  All this at around $10 an official Die Proof, in a superb album!  And NONE obtainable any other way than via these books.

The Die Proofs sold separately would realise DOUBLE what the entire book is selling for here.  The KGV 1d Engraved, or �1 Robes could very easily bring $50 to $100 each on their own if sold separately as official PO issued Steel Die Proofs. 
ALL of these are now fully listed and pieced in the Brusden White ACSC catalogue - Cat $700 as loose proofs alone!  A magnificent book for ANY collector to own.  Words cannot describe the lavish production and contents and luxury "feel" .... EVERY person - dealer or collector - who has seen it here on the office desk picked it up, and said "WOW"!  Gary Watson's Prestige Philately got $437 for a book in a Public Auction.  They called them "without doubt the BEST product released by Australia Post in recent decades�.  Just bought 3 in an estate, and have reduced the price of last two by $200, from $495 to just $295 each!  Buy yourself a classy GIFT you'll always love handling and looking at: $A295 (Stock 428YT)




Australia KGV 1931 CofA Watermark, 2d red *POSTAL FORGERY*:  One of the very few forgeries ever made to defraud the Australian Post Office.  They were made to post out Irish Sweepstakes Lottery tickets, in the Great Depression, and a collector, Dr. E. C. Black tipped off police when he received one.  Those Irish Jokes are real - these dopes added their sender address to all envelopes!!  The perpetrators were caught, bought to trial, convicted - and sent to prison for 12 months, the ACSC notes tell us.  A few mint copies reached collectors from official sources.  A few �used� ones exist from the trial, that have pen cross cancels and look terrible.  This is fresh unused, with EXCEPTIONAL perfs for these - many of which are woeful as research will show you.  ACSC 103cc, Cat $1,250 - way back in 2007!  (See note on these after SG 138.)  As nice an example as you�ll EVER see after 90 years - check the horrible looking photo example in ACSC! 105% Guaranteed of course. $A595 (Stock 482KQ)



Belgium rare 1952 Koekelberg Basilica Fund Mini Sheet MUH, Cat �600 - $A300:  A super scarce post war Europe sheet and being near 70 year old now, not many MUH are encountered.  A large sheet, and of high face value - few in the early post wat years were buying such items.  SG 1392 Cat  600=$A1200.  Show me another for sale!  $A300 (Stock 691JX)





Adelaide 2016 $1.00 set 6 Mint, CTO in week of issue, "Albino", or on �Last Day Cover� $A285:  The early 2016 Emergency issue of the ADELAIDE CPS set has caused a global sensation, and the set of 6 x 30 is fully listed in Gibbons, and is priced at $A4,500 a set 6 in Renniks, and $2,500 in new Seven Seas �ASC� Cat.  (My price is $A1,995 a set of 6)  The �$1.00� value in same design issued around the same time is - so far, very oddly, largely overlooked.  Only a small number were sold mint, and I�ve yet to see a single postally used copy of those, despite that being the new postal letter rate.  For many collectors the ONLY cost acceptable way to fill up these 6 spaces on the Hingeless Stanley Gibbons, or other printed pages globally, will be with a set of �$1.00�, so demand will keep increasing.  And prices too.  A ton more discussion of this exciting new issue here -

I managed to have serviced just SIX Last Day Covers as shown here.  On Official PO cover, with the pictorial Adelaide Philatelic Sales Centre �Clocktower� pictorial cancel.  Superb item, and stars of the future,
at just $A285 apieceONE left now � (Stock 571GZ) I doubt more than 25 exist globally of these. I have one FD with the ALBINO GHOST print for $A365 (Stock 571GR)  No mail orders were accepted for FDC, no credit cards accepted, hence very few secured them in person. The CPS machine went back to MEL on that same day for scrapping by an angry PO - gone forever.  So a double piece of Philatelic History.  Set of 6 x $1 MUH - $A65 (Stock 571GX) or 10 sets MUH $A450 (Stock 571GU)  or one set MUH and one set VFU for $A120 (Stock 571GF)   �$1.00 Adelaide 2016� strip 6 with striking reversed ALBINO �Ghost� prints: $A350  Stock 571GC - (Identical 30 strips have sold over $5,000!) or one of a tiny number made of LAST DAY COVERS illustrated above just: $A285 (Stock 571GZ)




"THE WORLD'S GREATEST AIRMAIL STAMPS� Superb Sterling Silver Proofs:  The International Society of Postmasters superb production, comprising 25 stamp-sized Sterling Silver ingots, classily displayed in a silk and velvet lined hard and expensive hard presentation case with metal clasps.  Superbly engraved and produced, high grade proof impressions of the CLASSIC Airmail issues from the inverted Jenny down.  Ingots weight is 343 grams alone - over a third of a KILO, so silver melt value is clearly many $100s alone!   Cost original buyer several times this. $A565 (Stock 836LA)


  Australia 1974 10� Star Sapphire Gemstone *PRINTED ON GUM* Block of 4 and pairs:  What an estate buy!  ACSC tells us just two sheets were found and broken down - near 50 years back.  Most of those got broken into singles, so even pairs are scarce.  Have never seen a block 4 before.  �Printed On The Gum� occurred on only a very few Australia stamps, so a major pickup for any serious Australia collection.  Fresh MUH and super centering. SG 522ae, �50 = $A100 a single, and ACSC 648ci, $A100 a single.   Also, Gemstones and Minerals are a very popular thematic/topical subject as well of course, and his is one of the GLOBAL Post-War gem items to chase.  This chap was finder of one of the two sheets in 1974, and also has a well centred MUH pair for $A100 (Stock 583GB) and a horizontal strip 3, $A150 (Stock 583GC).  Or this fine MUH Block of 4 - $A400 (Stock 583GE)  



"KNOWLEDGE IS POWER"  as I type incessantly -  I cannot over-stress the importance of having a solid stamp library.  Often the very FIRST thing you look up, often pays for that book forever!  A number of wonderful reference books have appeared in recent times.  In many cases within Australia under the new AP parcel rules, buying 2 or 3 or 4 books costs the EXACT same shipping as ONE does, so do give it some thought!   Within Australia, 3 or 4 books often costs about the same shipping as 1 book etc!  (Superb VFU, valuable franking used on ALL parcels as always.)  ALL in stock now - click on each link for FULL details on each book.  Hint for these as GIFTS!   Glen

 ACSC "KANGAROOS" 170 x huge A4 pages, Full Colour 2021 Ed.  ESSENTIAL!  $A135 (Stock 342KQ)

Stanley Gibbons *current* AUSTRALIA AND STATES & PACIFICS - Near 400 pages $A80 (Stock 736EQ)

ACSC new �Decimals 1966-2021� 2 massive A4 Colour, 2021 Eds, 1,164 pages! $A340 - (Stock 482KC)

Hugh Freeman huge  �Barred Numeral Cancellations Of Victoria�  Now Full COLOUR!  $A199 (Stock 274BN)

Hugh Freeman Numeral Cancellations of New South Wales" Massive, hard cover $A185 (Stock 736LE)

Geoff Kellow the superb hardcover 'Stamps Of Victoria' Ret $165 : BIG DISCOUNT - $A120! (Stock 842FQ)

Australia Postage Dues ACSC, incl. NSW & Victoria new full colour A4, 2020 Edition $A125 (Stock 583KQ)

Superb ACSC  "Australia Postal Stationery"  Catalogue - huge 484 pages colour - $A240 (Stock 782DV)

ACSC New full colour catalogues for KGVI and QE2 � the BOTH huge A4 books - $240 (Stock 892JC)

500 page ACSC New �Australia KGV Reign� catalogue in Full Colour - just $A170 (Stock 382KX)

Stanley Gibbons superb "2022* British Commonwealth Cat - 780 pages hardbound - $A235 (Stock 843JX)





Australia 1970 Definitives, rare Post Office Pack Cat $650, for just $A295:  The *Gorilla* - the scarcest Australia face different PO pack by several miles, as it cost a FORTUNE back then.  I see one each few years or so.  This larger sized B5 pack has all the current Defins right up to the 1966 Navigator set 6, in a plastic Hagner type sheet inside.  Add it up - FACE was $10.47 of the stamps here.  �No big deal� you might think today.  Well near 50 years back that was huge.  A First Class letter then cost 5�!  (There are 2 different 5� Queens in here) so $10.47 bought you 210 x first class stamps.  Today a First Class letter is $1.50, so 210 of those is $A315 in today�s money.  Would YOU pay $A315 TODAY for a new issue Post Office pack?  Of course not, and certainly almost no-one did in 1970, so they are super scarce, and retail MANY $100s despite being on sale nationally at capital city Philatelic BureauxThe $4 King alone cost EIGHTY times the then 5� letter rate.  So the pack was about $A315 type buying price, adjusted to today�s money.  You are paying LESS than that!  Little wonder almost none sold.  ASC P7, Cat. $650 and seldom seen or offered ANYWHERE.  Fresh and un-opened.  $A295 (Stock 542JKL)



  USA 1906 Liberty Head $2� Dollars, Quarter Eagle Gold Coin $A570:  A rare coin, and this is in barely circulated grade it looks like. Gold coins mark and scuff readily as it is so soft, but this looks very decent to me. No edge dings, and high points in LIBERTY wording look unworn etc.   Not used to taking coin pix, and they do not seem to scan, and do not have a close up setting on my camera, or tripod, or correct lighting so this is as good as you get at 5pm!   Has been part of a brooch etc, and if I had a solder gum - which I do not - I'd touch the small central mount solder with tip to liquify it, to remove it cleanly:  more pix here -   Almost never seen in Australia, and when you buy ex USA you pay the quite outrageous $A60 ''Global Shipping'' rip-off fee, (no stamps used by them!) and eBay then automatically adds 10% GST onto the shipping, and onto these prices! And all these figures are in strong USD - add 25% to these to get into AUD!  Click link above -  $A570 (Stock 613LA)



NEW Editions of Brusden White *ACSC* KGVI and QE2 Pre-Decimal in COLOUR:  Just printed mid-April. In Full colour for the first time, and in the new large A4/Quarto type size for the first time too.  Lots more data, and superb Dr Geoff Kellow research, and the KGVI includes all the BCOF issues of course.  All Proofs and essays and trials, and errors and imprints, and plate numbers, and the usual vat amount of ACSC data found NOWHERE else.  These new editions supersede and update the previous 2015 editions, and are in full colour for the first time, and in the new large A4 format, means tons more info is in each book.  The listings have been fully revised, with some additions and corrections, and with additional illustrations.

Two on-cover prices are now provided for every stamp - for solo usage, and for other uses of each stamp.  With prices that will gob-smack you!  The relevant Postage Due issues have also been included in each volume - a HUGE plus.  QE2 includes Australian Antarctic Territory and Cocos (Keeling) Islands issues.  For most buyers, purchasing both together add zero extra post cost over a single copy - so get yours NOW.  As I have typed a million times - �Knowledge Is Power� and using these just ONCE, can easily pay for themselves.  A solo use on cover of a very common stamp, now Cat $500, will in fact pay for these TWO times over!  King George VI is 232 x A4 pages. $A120 (Stock 892JA) and Queen Elizabeth 2 is 276 large A4 pages, price $A125 (Stock 892JB)  Or buy the both TOGETHER and pay $15 less at just: $A230 (Stock 892JC)    




Luxembourg 1956 **RARE** Europa set 3, Hoard - Superb MUH:  SG Cat �700=$A1,400, for well under 7% of SG!   Bought a few sets very attractively this week in an Estate of an old French gentleman, who had bought them off leading dealer BEHR in Paris, as an Investment, some years back.  This is the KEY set to the entire EUROPA Omnibus series, and has always been highly sought.  Mint Unhinged, with guaranteed fresh original gum.  This set is 65 years old now of course.  One of the scarcest mint sets from post-war Europe, and the absolute KEY to any �EUROPA� Omnibus collection.  Bright, well centred, with good perfs, and guaranteed original gum mint unhinged, and will look brilliant in any album, at under 10% of SG.  THREE sets of 3 for the �bottom drawer� - SG cat $A4,200, for just $A275  (Stock 568UR)  One set 3, SG 607/609, cat 700=$A1,400 - $A115 (Stock 568UQ)




ROO 1915 Rare Second Wmk 5/-, SUPERB USED,  also with nice Flaw:  The scarce 1915 SECOND Watermark.   Absolutely Superb Used looker for these, with unusually clean cut perfs for this Wmk.  Lovely deep, bright Chrome Yellow colour, as you can see.  Nearly all this issue had ugly �Fluffy� perfs, due to the perforating pin equipment in middle of WWI not being procurable from the only usual suppliers - our �enemies� - Austria and Germany!  The Emergency printing on the wrong size KGV head watermark paper.  So the Crown over A watermark is of almost never placed centrally - this one included, which is a sure way to pick these, as instant ID at a glance.  (Most offered on ScamBay are the common THIRD watermark of course.)  With a FAR lighter, crisper than usual corner postal cancel on these heavy parcel stamps than you will ever see.   Superb crisp Victoria cds of �JE 16 - 1917�.

These were used on heavy parcels during WWI, and really nice lookers are impossible to find.  Cancels usually were the heavy ugly smeary mega thick wall, rubber types used in MEL and SYD, which on the yellow colour show very heavily.  CTO copies do not exist, like we have all other 5/- Wmks, so as to easily secure pretty copies as one can do with the other 4 watermarks. 
SG 30,
350=$A700 with NO variety!   Top lookers with no vars are touching $1,000 retail these days   Bought in an estate this week, and clean and flat and fresh, and totally free of faults, and usual hinges and gook and gunk and aging etc.  With nice Variety �Kangaroo Ear Outside Of Map��  Not the full �Misplaced Kangaroo� (Cat $7,500 used!) but easily visible as you can see.  For the collector who wants the VERY finest stamps possible. $A795 (Stock 783JW)





Wide Range Australia & States designs, 24K Gold on solid bullion, Replica Stamps: $A30 each!:  A perfect opportunity for you to own stamps from a Deluxe collection of Australian stamps, in gleaming precious metal proof, struck in solid silver, and plated with 24 Carat Gold known as "The Australian Collection" - for the 1988 Bi-Centenary of Australia. Each in original classy packaging, and unopened. Some of the linked photos are taken from the advertising brochure - the copy from my Archive files - that Australia Post mailed to all those on the �Stamp Bulletin� mailing list back then.  MASSES of pix and paperwork here -  The Australia Post Philatelic Manager fully endorsed and approved this set by mail, and waxed lyrical in a letter to collectors on what a lovely item it all was and great investment etc.  See his actual letter on link nearby from my files.  Each ingot is identical in exterior size to the huge original stamp, but MUCH thicker of course. 

Highly polished Deluxe Proof quality, hand struck in solid sterling silver, mirror finished plated with 24 Carat Gold, and each is a substantial 2.2 mm thick as you can see in photo.  Quite a bit of �melt� value in the large chunk of thick Sterling Silver here alone. Rear of all ingots are stamped with "The Australian Collection" and ".925 Silver HF" to authenticate them.  In 1988 - over 31 years back - these replicas cost subscribers exactly $A98.60 an ingot. True!  See original receipt scanned on link nearby.  These are brand new in the original secure and protective packaging.  Each ingot is in a special clear moulded mount, inset into a large Racing Green solid card outer folder about the size of a FDC or PO pack. The ingots are thus still in as minted, highly polished mirror proof state, unscuffed or damaged.  VERY few would have been retained thus after 30 years, as near all were inset into the fancy display box that came with the set.  A bit like better Dinky Toys, or Barbie Dolls etc, in clean ORIGINAL un-opened packaging - worth MANY times the items if outside the packaging.

Easy to store in a #2 or #3 Hagner, or stockbook pages etc, or even stored flat in a large glassine etc.  I bought a
 hoard off someone who paid $A98.60 each - receipt in link below.  A first class letter costs 4 times more than it did in 1988, so this had a relativity value of $400 an ingot in today�s money.  You are paying under 10% of that!!   I have duplicates of near all the Bullion ingots in the collection, if you want more than one of all of these for the same stamp design, if they suit your collecting themes.  Or for ebayer-selling etc.  He has duplicates of many - this guy spent $10,000s on these!  MASSES of pix and paperwork here -  Each stamp design has a unique order code - click link for all details of those.  ONE packaged ingot of your choice for $A45 (Stock 526AL)  FIVE of YOUR choice stamp ingots for $A200 (Stock 526AK)  TEN for $A350 (Stock 527AB)  TWENTY ingots of YOUR choice for $A600 (Stock 527AC) or have ONE set only of 23 DIFFERENT Bullion ingot stamps for just $A700 (Stock 526AAC)


*40* x Australia 1984 SPECIMEN Paintings sets MUH - Face $680 for $A325!   FORTY of the special deluxe Post Office packs from 1984, each containing $17 face value of fresh MUH paintings each - all in lavish Gold Embossed packs.  The owner notes showed he had bought these as an �Investment� in 1990 for around $1,000 the bundle of 40, off Max Stern.  He had high hopes these would also get to the same $600 a set price of the 1963 �Specimen� sets of 4 of 30 years earlier!  Condition looks nice and clean.  I see quite a few of these stamps arriving used on parcels - not �supposed� to occur, but it seems few notice these days at AP.  I saw a mint single pack get $30 on ebay recently!  Possibly a 'Paintings On Stamps' collector looking for something a little different?  Bought well in Estate, so OUT they go at just $A8 each!  $US200 or - $A325 (Stock 842KA)




Sierra Leone 1933 KGV Abolition Of Slavery Centenary - Wilberforce.  The top 2 vales from this iconic and legendary set, which had a tiny print number.  Magnificently engraved by Bradbury Wilkinson London.  Most of these high value were pen cancelled fiscally on Court Fees, and of course are readily detected under UV, even if cleaned.  (SG lists them separately)   UV very carefully checked by me, and 105% Guaranteed, uncleaned and postal used with Registered dated cds.  Both are absolutely Superb Used - clean and flat and fresh, with perfect perfs and centering, and deep rich original colours, and no hinges or gook or gunk or aging.  Both expertised on reverse.  SG 179 �500 = $A1000, and SG 180, �850 = $A1.700.  Price $450 and $750, or save $50 with the BOTH for $A1,150 (Stock 294AB)



  1960s Formular BANK Aeros - Northern Territory to GREECE!  The three Formular Aerograms above were invoiced at about $A250 at public auction, over 20 years back by Rodney Perry Auctions.  WHY???   Three Airletters/Aerograms from oz Banks to Greece.  One from Tennant Creek, Northern Territory the others from Darwin -  NT to Greece - what a combo!   Decimal and pre-decimal - nice cut-off pairing.  All with cool and colourful bank forms and receipts printed inside.  They are the unstamped FORMULAR types.  Why banks used those I have no clue.   And WHY did they sell for that - way above estimate?   This lot comes complete with the original sale invoice, and the Rod Perry original lot card.  The 10d blue was �Approval Style 37�, and is not often seen - and that was not even illustrated in the Perry sale cat.   Anyway with an estimate $150, clearly there was a bit of bidding, even then, to get it to where it was sold.  Over a half Century old now.  Many more pix and back and front and insides, and discussion here -  $A150 (Stock 315AJL)  



Attractive *complete* 1931 Kangaroo Parcel Post label - scarce Small Multiple Watermark 1/- and 3d KGV perf 14!:  Both issued in 1929, on a COMPLETE Parcel Post label type, P.P.1. - a rare survivor.  At this Great Depression time, near all parcels had the stamps soaked off as fine used � both dealers AND collectors.  The label as can be see also had MARKET STREET printed on it at left.   A lot of money then - our unemployment rate was 32% - the second highest globally, and exports had totally crashed.  Old School, RED Registered label �Market Street Melbourne - Victoria� and both stamps tied by single 1931 cds �MARKET STREET - MELBOURNE�.  1/- Small Multiple Watermark - ACSC cat $550 on parcel label PLUS a 3d Blue Small Multiple scarce perf 14 - cat $100 on label.  Paying the 3d Registered fee, and the 1/- �Scale 3� Parcel rate of 1/-.  Clean and attractive and colourful, especially for 90 years old, and used on a parcel.  At under HALF cat!  $A275 (Stock 792JC)





Australia 465 x MUH ''FOREVER'' stamps. SG $3,440 for $A750!  A doubtless UNIQUE hoard of these in PO packs. 93 PO Packs, each containing the Mini Sheet of 5 x peel and stick stamps.  Each stamp is good for a domestic letter FOREVER. When local cost goes to $2 (and it will) these are good for $2.   These were issued in 2014.  The general public could not buy them, so when issued 7 years back, I discovered there was a little known Official PO pack that one could order and buy, for a very short time.  So I bought 100 of them, sold a few to good clients over the years for $50 a pack, and put aside the rest as I knew these would rise fast in value in MINT - and they clearly have. (Used are easy to source, and cat is well under mint.) 

These designs were replaced in 2017, 4 years back, by a single design, so are seldom seen now. The PACKS really flew totally under the radar, and they really are $50 pieces.  Show me another Official PO Pack for sale anywhere GLOBALLY.  Outers of a very few were damaged in storage - stamps are all perfect of course, and the rest all are fine.  Catalogue is SG 4140D x 186 at �4, and SG 4140E x 279 at �3.50 each = �1,720 (=$A3,440) mint - NOT in packs!  A brilliant project for an eBay cash buyer, or reseller etc at $50 apiece or so a pack. The 5 stamps as SINGLES in each, are cat �18.50, or $37.  You are paying JUST EIGHT BUCKS A PACK.  Great little investment or re-sale hoard. $A750 (Stock 449EW)




British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT) MUH Coll SG $400 - $A150:  Attractive MUH collection from 1968. Sets and mini sheets, and lots of gorgeous BIRD stamps as can be seen - heaps of pix here -   SG cat is �202 = $A400.  BIOT is all in the news this month globally, with the UPU declaring they are no longer postally valid!  Full discussion here - End of BIOT stamps thread:  - $A150 (Stock 124AV)




New Zealand 2006 Kapa Haka Maori Dancers Rare �Unissued� set of 5:  Sold, advertised, mailed and charged to some standing order clients by NZ Post.  But hastily withdrawn in panic at Eleventh Hour, as some Maori activists did not like the design images!  39 mint sets of 5 were mailed, and a few FDC, booklets and one coil roll, and they are the rarest post-war issues for 100 years from NZ. (See detailed note on these in SG �New Zealand� cat after SG #2285.)  An affordable way to buy these is via the un-issued 45� "Poi" Maori dancer self-adhesive booklet stamps or the 45� coil version.  FAST ordering is recommended as when my small stock is gone, they can't be replaced.

Current market leading NZ Len Jury mass selling catalogue is $17,500 a set of 5, FDC at $25,000, and coil or booklet 45c singles $2,500 each. 
MY price is $A1,500 a single (Stock 583AB) 45� self-adhesive booklet stamp neatly cut from the block, or $A2,750 (Stock 583AC) a horizontal pair. (45� Coil stamps the same prices - Coil strip of FOUR for $A5,000 - Stock 583AH)  Or $A5,000 a booklet block of 4 (Stock 583AD) - if a block is still intact of course when you order!  (A block of 4 is a booklet �pane� - each booklet has 2 panes of 4, and a pair.)  Or the complete booklet of 10 for $A11,000. (One only booklet on hand - Stock 583AE)

These figures are miles lower than NZ retail which is high as tiny supply rapidly shrinks, and news of their existence slowly spreads overseas. "Linn's Stamp News" carried my story on these front page in colour.  And best of all, the NZ dollar has strengthened a lot against $A in recent months.  A Len Jury auction in Auckland saw a set of 5 of these sell for $14,900 on a $13,500 estimate, and a later Mowbrays NZ sale had a set 5 invoiced at $14,562.  In 2016 a set 5 was invoiced at NZ�s largest stamp Auction for $11,500.  Forget Auction prices - I have a full set of 5 for sale MUH at
$A8,500 a set 5 (Stock 583EF) or $A30,000 for matched MUH blocks 4. (Stock 583EG)

If you buy them off me, as an Australian resident, you avoid a certain 10% GST impost upon arrival from NZ as a highly insured item, versus ordering locally, and avoid the nasty new 3-4% "overseas use surcharge" + bad exchange rate your credit card bank will certainly levy.  Likewise for NZ buyers, I mail in such a way Registered as to cause no 15% GST and Customs �interest� there on entry.  My copies are IN-STOCK, and ready to mail now.  NZ Buyers can pay into my NZ account if they choose, to save card and Forex fees.

Remember only 39 mint sets of 5 of these were EVER sold, and a few booklets and coil stamps, and NZ Post has confirmed that in writing, and confirmed these were a fully legit PO issue - see article below.  Each stamp in each set is FAR scarcer than the 1906 1d "Claret" Christchurch, which have fetched up to $NZ22,500 each at public auction.  See recent strong sales and that stamp�s history here -  These Kapa Haka are Classics of the future.  For FAR more details of them all here: - a full set of 5 from me costs only $A8,500 (Stock 583EF) - or just $A1,700 apiece!   





WWI era Smyth Approval book of GB QV/KEVII Officials. SG $4,500 for $A235!  Wonderful old relic and survivor that arrived today.  A WWI era W. H. Smyth approval book. Smyth was the leading dealer here.  He founded his business in 1890 and died in 1923.  Stamps have been in this book untouched, for a Century or so.  GB QV and KEVII in this Century year old stapled Approval book, that looks exactly like the 1913 2/- Kangaroo stamp Booklet style!  Most are lovely clean and sound clean FU, and from this era will be genuine most likely as most faking took place in late 1930s.  The spivs crudely fake things on ebay today in large numbers.  Generally above average condition for these.  SG Cat as you can see is �2,247 = $A4,500.  HEAPS more pix here - - Bought well to sell fast at about 5% of SG - $A235 or just $US160.  $A235 (Stock 625AK)




Superb collection Oz MINT phonecards - Cat $1,222 for $A225!  Lovely clean lot, all in full sets from card #1 in 1989 into 1994.  All MINT, and superb. Easy to store in Hagners etc, same size as stamp booklets or blocks of 4 etc.  Enclosed is a catalogue printout totalling $1,222 for easy checking - a couple pages shown here, plus ALL the cards you will get -   Buyer paid $1,100 for these from Max Stern in 1995, his invoice showed.  I allowed $150 for them in the Estate, and out they go for just $A225.  SAVE $1,000 and be quick - these will sell FAST!  Just ONE set cost the owner $200.  Delightful looking things, and are really scarce in full sets like this MINT.  RARELY offered, and still popular.  The total value of trading cards listed on eBay totalled more than $2 billion in the first half of the year - up 175 per cent on the first six months of 2020.  Trading card sales on eBay Australia went up 379 per cent in 2020, with a trading card selling every minute.  All Official Telecom issues of course.  $A225 (Stock 794JS)





QANTAS $2 Airbus A380 stamp, totally **IMPERFORATE** Block of 4 - just $A75!:  Australia Post a few years back, released just 750 x IMPERFORATE uncut press sheets of these $2 stamps.  Striking and varnished etc.  You needed to phone a special '800' number after midday, and maximum order was a sheet a person, and they sold out within hours as you'd expect.  All the $2 stamps depict the massive Qantas Airbus A380.  Qantas staffers and aviation collectors keenly seek this sheet, as do the 1000s of pure �A380� theme collectors.  Each press sheet was foil numbered in lower right margin, and also comes with a hand numbered PO Certificate Of Guarantee that only 750 sheets in TOTAL were ever sold, including all left and right panes. 

Indeed there were only 375 left pane, and 375 x right pane ... both sheets of 12 are marked and numbered thus lower left.  This is a Qantas Airbus A380 issue and that is a red hot theme, even for non stamp collectors. 
And it is fully imperforate.  It is an 100% OFFICIAL PO issue, and one of the very smallest issues in the post war era.  It was VERY limited, and has remained RED hot - just like the stamp border colour!  I obtained  a few by paying folks $100 cash profit to sit on the phone for hours re-dialling until they got through.  THERE WAS *NO* OTHER SOURCE FOR THESE!   Price per IMPERF mini sheet is from $A75 - full details here - with a LOT more photos of all the options and choices on these, even full uncut press sheets 12 available for $A500 -  - $A75 (Stock 482YL)






Complete Set Australia Post Year Albums 1983-2003 - $1,000 *UNDER* Retail !!:   Red Hot Estate special.  All TWENTY ONE albums.  The FACE value of the stamps inside is $842.27You are paying WAY UNDER UNDER ACTUAL FACE!   ALL are 100% valid for global postage if you ever need to use them.  You are basically buying $100 bills for less than $100!  I just bought TWENTY sets of 21, off a guy who bought them for an �investment�, so have slashed over $1000 off my usual selling price, to see them clear FAST.

The issue price from PO was $1,103!
  You are paying $300 UNDER PO cost, and $1,000 less than retail.  One of each year Australia Post books here, from the 1983 book, and ALL have a matching coloured, hard slipcase, to prevent dust and moisture entering the book.  My discount Retail is $1,810 as per link below.  Save $1000 off retail!   All the LATER Year Books and the Black �Leather� cover ones are always in stock - I have the WORLD�S BIGGEST YEARBOOK STOCK - also keenly priced cheap, and all are offered singly, if you only need certain issues, at - 
$A800 (Stock 735ET)







  2000 "FOR VALOUR" $1 Victoria Cross PNC Retail $300, for $A160:  The absolute key to any PNC collection.  The ONLY way to source the Victoria Cross design $1 coin is by tearing open one of these. Coin dealers rip up 100s a year, and toss the stamps into the kiloware box. All collectors of face different Australia coins HAVE to have this one. In 10 years� time a complete PNC such as this will be many times the cost of a coin as the PNCS will be near extinct - the conservative McDonald retail of the loose coin alone is $295 - the PNC is listed at $360.

ebay prices are around that $300 mark for this PNC as you can see.  Bought cheap today to sell dirt cheap today.  Clean condition - been in an album since bought from mint. Sharp perfect corners as you can see. This is "For Valour" PNC (Stock 284YQ) for $160.  Also have the near as scarce 2000 Australian Legends "The Last Anzacs" PNC for $A75 - (Stock 284YR) and the 2001 "Australia Army" PNC, Cat $100 for $A60 (Stock 284YT) and the "Biggie" the 2002 "QE2 Coronation Accession Jubilee PNC" Ret $295 for $A145 (Stock 284YV) AND all the other early PNCs in superb condition at cheap prices - enquire! $A160 (Stock 284YQ)




1993 GB 24p Machin stamp *POSTAL FORGERY* in MUH blocks, $A4 each!  I bought a couple of sheets of these 25 years back, when they first surfaced in the UK, being sold to Indian and similar family owned small corner stores and supermarkets, who retailed stamps for normal letters.  A UK dealer, Bushell & Wright, was too scared to offer them in the UK, in case Scotland Yard paid him a visit.  So he did a deal with me, and I sold them here for about $A40 per stamp - and I mailed a lot of them back to the UK!  Sterling was VERY high back then of course, and UK retail there was �20 which was about $A50 a stamp then - literally.

The dealers in UK got a Barrister's written opinion (copy of which I can enclose for you with your order!) that him owning or selling these above face value created no offence under current British Law in his view.  Just as well - the forgers were caught and got
prison sentences of up to 12 years each - far more detail here -   These forgeries are listed in SG, under Cat X969.  Single current Machins from Kiloware are getting $A325 each on ebay as I report below, so Machins are back in the news BIG time -   These were the FIRST Postal Forgeries ever to appear in the UK for over a Century, since the QV 1/- "Stock Exchange Forgeries" of the early 1870s.  SG lists those forgeries between �850-�4,000 EACH used.

Large UK dealers currently sell blocks of 8 of these same 24p Machin Forgery stamps for �77.50 ($A150 plus post!) or about $A20 apiece, as you can see -  I have one even larger block on hand at $A4 a stamp, if anyone is interested in breaking it down on ebay etc for a far greater profit - click link above.  Keep a single, or block of 4 for yourself from the above lots, and sell the others on ebay etc, to get yours FREE!  You may even come out in front money wise, and still keep yours free.  Illustrated MUH block 10, is just 30% of UK dealer price - $A65  (Stock 619TQ) or a MUH block of 20, perfect for any album page, for a QUARTER of UK retail - $A100 (Stock 619TR)







NSW 1894 1/- QV, DLR Telegram Form, o/p �SPECIMEN� $A150: The very scarce 1/- black Queen Victoria value, showing the 1876 De La Rue design type.  Retail elsewhere $470 on this exact same form!  These NSW Telegraph/Telegram forms were issued in February 1894, 126 years back.  1/- was for inland messages.  The messages could not exceed ten words for the pre-paid 1/-.  Lovely item to display for the collector - fits superbly on a #1 Hagner Sheet, or album or stockbook page, and looks very attractive, as you can see.  These were UPU distributed folded horizontally, to all the recipient UPU countries. These are on very fragile thin paper.  I�ve seen these in the past where foxing is very bad, due to the cheap acidic paper used, and indeed some were separated in 2 pieces, and this one is VERY clean and intact, I am pleased to say - and well UNDER $US90!: $A150 (Stock 815LX)





Australia Fifty Years of FDC - Special Gold Foil Postmark *Numbered Limited Edition of 150*, set of *28* Covers - 2 sets left!!:  Official PO FDC were first introduced in 1970.  The early ones were largely ignored by collectors, and sold in tiny numbers, and I sold a 1970 30c Captain Cook only this month for $A300 - they are still scarce and popular, with high cat.  This new collection comprises 28 special covers, that feature a selection of stamps from 2020, and all 28 covers feature a special Metallic Gold Foiled postmark.  Face values up to $3.30 each.  Covers come with a classy matching artwork band, to the cover cachet design, also in metallic gold as you can see.  The UNIQUE Train/Railway 1970-2020 se-tenant mini-sheet is easily a $125+ piece on its own, being a popular TRAIN topical, limited to 150 globally.  The 5c Standard Gauge Train is the 1970 issue, from the year PO started cacheted FDCs.  Sold out fast at the high asking price, and most globally had no idea these existed. (Set number #100 is a $50 premium)  Stamp collectors need these too - the ONLY way to source this unique and unheralded Mini Sheet.  Just 150 covers for the PLANET exist of each.  UNDER $A9 a cover!   Brilliant ebay seller to split up into 28 lots singly - will do brilliantly I think.  EVERY topical you can dream of is in here!  Full set of 28 � just TWO sets left now - $A250 (Stock 835JW)



Hutt River Province 1975 Mini Sheet #1 x **440** Retail $3,080 - just $A245!:  These were issued in the Stamp Boom, and investors bought quantities of many things. These included, clearly!  Someone decided to buy 440 of these attractive Miniature Sheets.  Face value is $1.20 a sheet - so FACE alone is $528 alone.  He could have bought a mint �2 Roo for that money 47 years back!  And dealer retail is $7 a set = $3,080 as you can see here -  Bought well to sell FAST, at a fraction of what he paid 47 years back, and you pay just 7% of current retail.  Doing 100+ hour weeks now, and just no time to break these down as I really SHOULD!  He had a few other issues in duplicate full PO sheets that he bought at the same time if anyone is interested, also at a low % of retail.  Brilliant lot for someone on ebay to offer per sheet, or per 10 or per 100 (you have 440 sheets!) and make a real killing.  This Hutt River material is enduringly popular.  A few single sets sold for $510 on ebay - to many bidders.

Amazing find .. owner paid $3,200 for these in the 1980s according to his auction invoice.  These are near FIFTY years old now of course. Hutt River's FIRST ever Mini Sheet.  The Principality of Hutt River is situated some 600 km north of Perth, Western Australia and is an Independent Sovereign State having seceded from the Commonwealth of Australia on 21st April 1970. The Head of State was the late HRH Prince Leonard.  His son, Graeme took over the reins of the Province.  For many years until recently, he printed his own stamps, issued his own coins and notes, and also issued his own passports and bestowed Knighthoods to visitors from all over the world.  Pay neat 7% of current retail, and just 44% of face! $A245
(Stock 462BX)






Australia Post Annual "Year Books" Black LEATHER "Executive"

Editions complete � Book #1, to 2000 -  22% off - *$A425 UNDER retail*! 

ONE set only at this price - these Leather (Executive) books are VERY classy.  All have been black genuine Leather covered, with brass corners, since the first issue in 1986, so they are a fully matched classy Black leather set, in matching slipcases.  Covers are thickly padded and deeply gold inscribed on front and spine.  Each book has a matching gold embossed heavy slipcase �.. see the main photo above - the 3 slipcases are standing at back.  These keep dust and moisture OUT of your stamp albums and are ESSENTIAL in this climate.

Australia Post charges $35 more for each Leather album over the regular Year Books, due to the far higher cost of making leather covers etc in short runs.  So retail
of each is accordingly much higher - add that extra cost up over 15 books!  Numbers produced are a small FRACTION of normal books, so re-sale value stays very strong.  Sitting in a neat row on a loungeroom bookshelf these look super classy - like a set of Law Books or Encyclopedia Britannia etc!  They come out each year in exact same design, so you can readily keep up to date.

The presentation of the stamps and the artwork and detail on the pages in these books is an absolute credit to Australia Post.  High gloss varnished paper, and double facing pages of info on EVERY stamp issue.  Laden with photos and factual background information.  For collectors with younger children or Grandchildren
, this is a goldmine for their education and general knowledge.  Or a family heirloom collection to keep up to date.  The 2000 regular Year Book surprised everyone by having in it, the Australia Sydney Olympic Gold Medal winner sheetlet of 16.  You could obtain this sheet NO other way.  That sheetlet alone retails for $100 from many dealers.  The 1988 LEATHER book has always been near impossible to source etc.  Full retail list of ALL these superb books here -

I have ALWAYS had the largest stock of Year Books in Australia - true.  No other dealer comes ever close.  I buy more estates than anyone else it seems, and also folks come to me when selling these books, as they know I will buy them cash.  And I thus MUST on-sell them as cheaply as I can, to MOVE all this stock, or I will drown in it!  Bought this nice clean collection CHEAP today in an Estate, so OUT they go.  This is a lovely clean collection of EVERY Black Leather Year Book issued from 1986 (Leather Book Number #1) right up to the scarce 2000.  FIFTEEN matched leather books.  A large wine carton FULL.  

My normal discount retail on these
15 books, as you can see from link above, is $A2,175. (All the later year Leather Books are in stock of course.  I can do a similar bulk discount deal for 2001-2020 etc, or for any other single years you are missing - ask me for my rock bottom price!)  A superb gift idea perhaps for someone?  As always on pricier lots, happy to do a time payment or LayBy system etc - 4 monthly payments of around $380 and these are yours!  To clear this Estate lot fast, out they go for $425 UNDER my retail - a super bargain figure for this ONE discounted set of 15 - 22% off retail at just -  $A1,695 (Stock 451WX)




GB fresh MUH COMMEM sets circa 1990, way under face!  I just removed all UK stamps from a carton of GB PO Annual Albums this week.  From the circa 1990s era, as the books weigh a ton to mail anywhere, and are not fast sellers anyway.  Part contents of just one book scanned here to give you an idea, as they are all fully sealed n PO outer plastic and a few outer plastic wrinkles consequently show here in pic.  No energy or spare time to take an hour and bust them all out of PO packaging.  The year books were latter 1980s and early 1990s like these.  TOTALLY unpicked as always -- whatever hot topicals were in each year book are in this postage lot.  Either list up on ebay set by set, or start an instant MUH collection, or if you live in UK, use on classy outward sendings.  There is 225 quid face value of COMMEMS in there,) in full MUH sets. **NO** dreary Machins of any kind, and no essentially useless 3p and 7p face values etc from 1970s etc!  EVERY savvy ebayer seller knows a quid of two of full commem sets on a small UK packet, or overseas letter sendings, are worth MORE than face value retail, nearly cancelled.  All these included

I worked that out over 40 years back!  See 100s of examples here  Buyers LOVE getting it - but I make a nice profit on EVERY sending. Some other savvy sellers have too. But sourcing pretty full sets of commems in full sets is not simple. They fetch a FAR higher % than dreary Machins, and rightly so. It is receiver useful, versus landfill. The sending of them is appreciated by buyers, who buy again - the dopes using common Machins are cursed by buyers. Me ESPECIALLY. EVERY stamp den on the planet should have a folder of ATTRACTIVE mint commemorative stamps of your country on hand for next mailings. We ALL know what current postage rates are - take them up correctly franked to PO and you are home free - If you can get them in 1 hit under face, far smarter still - email me if anyone is smarter than the average ebayer, and wants �225=$A450 of full attractive, commem sets!   MUH full sets and strips etc, for WAY UNDER FACE at $A350.  A UK Buyer can pay in Sterling right into my UK account if you want to dodge overseas credit card gouges.  Also, for UK buyers I mail in such a secure tracked way, that HM Vatman pays no attention. $A350 (Stock 582LQ)





Cocos Island 1991 *Emergency Provisional Overprints* Complete Set:  Fresh MUH set of 7 of the regular size stamps, SG 234/239, and that includes the very rare 1991 Coconut "OFFICIAL - PAID MAINLAND" which as always, is CTO with full gum - and was never sold Mint without the corner cancel.  A cover with 3 copies, just sold for $A4,800. (SG #01) - see � Cocos prices have gone quite INSANE at auction in March 2019 - click the link!   ASC 140a/148a, cat. $A350  just the 7 small stamps.  This includes both types of overprint grid bars on 10� Shell, as per cat listings - one is VERY scarce.  One of the priciest and most sought �Shell� stamp sets of the post war era - globally.  The 2017 ASC Catalogue Retail is $350 a set 7.   I also have the scarce and huge, December 1990 size $5 on 65� Aeroplane, Emergency overprint MUH, ASC 186a, cat $A110, for $A70 (Stock 107CR)  So, the basic set of 7, ASC Cat $350 is from me $A275 (Stock 107CQ) or all EIGHT overprint stamps as per photo above, including the scarce and huge $5 Aeroplane, for a $A25 discount - all 8 for: $A320 (Stock 107CT)





Kangaroo 1913 5/- Grey and Yellow fresh CTO, $A225:  CTO Kangaroo prices have gone insane in recent times - single stamps selling for up to SEVEN times the recent ACSC prices.  So higher value stamps like this one are worth grabbing NOW = SG 13, �225 = $A450 for average used.  With the lovely crisp gloss ink PO CTO cancel of �MELBOURNE - DEC 3 - 13   Superior perfs and centering for any 1913 CTO, as you can see, which often are ripped out and perfs touching.  Nice rich glowing original Chrome colour, and fresh and clean, and totally free of hinges and gook and gunk etc - so usual on these with original gum.  I keep EVERY Australian stamp in stock 1913-1980 and in FIVE grades for each, from Spacefiller to Superb Used, to suit EVERY budget.  I have EASILY the world�s largest stock of used Roos, normal and �OS�.  I have this exact stamp in stock from $150 to $400 in cost, depending on how fussy or non-fussy you are!  Contact me re your Australia USED gaps.  Read up on Used Kangaroo Grading here -  The reason Grange Hermitage red wine sells for $500 a bottle, and rough reds are always $5 a bottle, is the same as VFU stamps - some savvy folks in life recognise real quality - and will gladly pay a little more for it! $A325 (Stock 836KF) 






FAROE ISLANDS MUH Corner Plate Blocks 4 collection - $A99:  What a deal!  Faroe Islands were THE hottest thing on the stamp planet in the early 1980s.  Prices were TEN times today�s level - indeed the deceased owner paid Max Stern $750 PER set of blocks for these, his invoice showed. He bought 10 such sets and the invoice was generously rounded down to $A7,000.  We have 41 Top left numbered Plate number blocks here - 161 x Fresh flat MUH stamps at about SIXTY CENTS OZZIE a stamp!   The 1975 Defins (issue #1) were a really expensive set, and those were about $100 a single set on their own back in the day.  LOTS of photos of them all here - 

The VERY first 11 Faroes issues are here in corner Plate Blocks 4. Includes the super high face value 1979 25 Krona Ram - a real FORTUNE back 40 years ago!  The CURRENT SG cat as 4 MUH is �202=$A400 valued as single sets and clearly, matched Top Left corner Plate blocks is a nice premium added on top of that.  YOU pay just $A99 the LOT!  Beautiful steel engraved recess printed, line engraved gems ..... most seem to be engraved by the Master of the genre - Czeslaw SLANIA.  The original buyer got TEN sets of matched blocks 4 for his $7,000.  Superb lot to offer per set of blocks on ebay etc, or break into singles etc.  Bought VERY well from Estate so OUT they go at a silly low price -  Two sets blocks -  $A179 (Stock 287LQ ) One set $A99 (Stock 287LR)



  Cyprus 1944 KGVI Rare Perf, SG Cat $1,100 for just $A425!  One of the scarcest KGVI issues from the Commonwealth and I have never seen one offered before.  Perfect centred fresh MLH. (Excuse the strange murky setting scan - settings were askew!)  SG 154a KGVI 1 Piastre, rare Perf 13�x12�, extremely scarce, and only a few sheets appear to have been done by Waterlow in 1944, after German bombings of London created chaos at UK stamp printers.  SG 154a, Cat �550=$A1,100 just - $A425 (Stock 834LP)  




Papua New Guinea 1971 SHELLS Booklet x *50* Mint copies!  Estate buy today. Someone looks like they bought these near a Half Century ago, and they have only just now reached the market.  Pretty booklet, with marginal blocks 10 of the 1969 7c Shell Definitive stamp.  SG SB3, Cat �650 = $A1,300.  Pfeffer #3 cat $1,500.  Very seldom seen early booklet, and a great ebay re-seller etc, as both PNG and Shells are globally super popular.  Just $A5 each, or about $US3 apiece - Cat �650, retail $1,500.  Just $US150 - $A250 (Stock 782RT)




Laos 1954 Golden Jubilee set MUH - SG Cat $870, for just $A195!  The KEY set from Laos - the �Sydney Harbour Bridge� issue from there!!  The 1954 Golden 50th Jubilee of King Sisauang-Vong.  Beautifully engraved bi-colour, steel engraved recess intaglio printing.  All are flat MUH, with the usual evenly ��suntanned�� gum after 65 years in Indo China.  I see these in stock once in 20 years.  SG 40/42, �435 = $A870.  USED is the exact same price as mint I notice in SG, this set had such a tiny printing, and either mint or used, are NEVER seen offered anywhere, much less at WELL UNDER QUARTER GIBBONS!  Just $US145 as I type - $A195 (Stock 584JR)




  1946-49 Food Parcel Label. 5/10d Blue, Myer Department Stores: Superb fresh bright unused PL4A, $2,000 for the usual rough grade one sees which are mostly soiled, tatty and very frequently, creased and thinned etc. Have NEVER in 40 years had a complete unused label in stock. For anyone not aware of the history of these historic items, they are near the rarest Australian post-war Postal Stationary items. In the late 1940s (indeed until 1954) Britons were subject to rationing. Even as late as 1950 goods such as these were still rationed in the UK - canned and dried fruit, chocolate biscuits, treacle, syrup, jellies, soap, sugar - and much fresh produce like milk, butter and meat and of course petrol -

Australia was the bread basket of the "Motherland" for much of this produce, which was freely available in Australian stores. Rationed goods in England that transported well - such as canned and dried fruit, chocolate biscuits, treacle, syrup, jellies, soap, sugar were cheap to buy here, and of course greatly sought after in Britain. An extensive "Food For Britain" campaign was mounted in the post-war years. The largest department stores like Myer were very active in selling these "ration busting hampers" packed full of local made goodies, that would survive a long 10,000 mile sea voyage. The Post Office offered a special low cost concession reduced rate, of 5/10d for 14 pound weight cartons of such goods. This was an INCREDIBLY low rate. A standard ˝ oz airmail letter to the UK cost 1/6d - or more than 25% the cost of a heavy carton of food!

Myer Department Stores, and 2 others approached the Post Office to produce gummed labels that had an impressed stamp on them, so as to identify the sendings that attracted the new low postage rate, and save them time in affixing stamps, as no single stamps to that value ever existed. The Post Office did this, and as you can see the sideways 5/10d blue KGVI head stamp impression, was exactly in line with that design used on the widely used 2d pre-stamped envelopes, and the 5d Registered envelopes of the time. This is of course an OFFICIAL Australian Commonwealth Postal Stationery item, and is listed thus in the superb ACSC volume on them. KGVI Reign collectors globally seek these. A ton of extra detail on these labels here -

These special 5/10d labels only lasted in use for 3 years (until 1949) hence their great scarcity today. Even mint or used "cut outs" of the stamp area are scarce (I have a very fresh FU one of those with good margins for $A75) and it is 30 years since I have handled a large full unused label like this one. These Food labels have sold for up to $A24,000 each (heavily creased!) at auction. ACSC Cat PL4A, $2,000, for just $A1,150. This is wildly under cat thus, as I stated above in print. Cat should be double on these. After 75 years, for a huge label, on very thin fragile paper - the best appearance you can buy - show me ANOTHER for sale, at ANY price GLOBALLY! $A1,150 (Stock 672KQ)



Jordan - 1982 National Monument stamps set 3 IMPERFORATE!  Bought from someone whose Father had been a senior postal official at the time, ~40 years back.  He had the complete set of 3 in MUH pairs, and the same set in Imperforate strips of 3.  All fresh MUH.  Attractive group, fresh and bright, and will offer them separably, and as a group for anyone wanting to re-sell etc.   The horizontal PAIRS as shown are $A100 (Stock 683HW)  The strips of 3 are $A135 (Stock 683HX) or the entire holding of all 15 imperfs is just $US135 to clear (under a tenner each!) - or $A200 (Stock 683HZ) 



  South Australia 1886, �15 Queen Victoria �Long Tom� $A300:  What a stamp!  Scanners sadly do not show �sheen� on any stamp, but this has the original silver metallic sheen - stunning looker in the flesh - 10 times nicer than this scan.  Very clean, flat, and unfaded unused after 135 years, with really excellent perfs for these, that often have appalling perfs, and these tone and crease readily - this is superior there.  �15 was literally a MONTH�S wages back then.  SG 207a, Cat is �38,000=$A75,000 mint, so �Specimen� is your only affordable option!: $A300 (Stock 825KQ)  



New Zealand MUH Blocks etc, face $780 for $A450!  Strong in 1980s era in a mint sheet Mintsheet file range of sets mainly in strips and blocks of imprints etc, also 2 x 1984 Annual Albums. Face value NZ$780 alone. Retail is about $A1,500.  Many 100s of MUH stamps here.  Bought very well and a STEAL for someone. (100s)  A pretty new collection, or an absolute goldmine for an ebay re-seller � or for a Kiwi to use for cheap postage! $A450 (Stock 893LQ)



  MAURITANIA 1982 Grand Prix Car Racing M/S x 500! SG $2,300: $A125:  Amazing hoard from the Estate of a Doctor, who invested in all sorts of things from the early 1980s boom era.  He had a PO bundle 500 of the Australia 1976 Miniature sheet if anyone wants those!  He had 200 each of many Aust PO packs and full sheets. Masses of Aust face value in there.  He had bought a bundle of these from France for $A625 his file notes said.  75th Anniversary of Grand Prix Car racing.  Fine CTO with full gum at capital city, NOUAKCHOTT.  SG MS 729, �2.30 each used x 500 = �1,150 = $A2,300.  Under 5% of SG to find them a new home AST!  Brilliant items for an ebay re-seller to offer per 5 or 10 or 50 pieces a time etc - popular thematic, and a seldom seen sheet and seldom offered anywhere.  Pay near $500 LESS than original buyer did 40 years back!  $A125 (Stock 614RL)  





Solomon Islands 1991 **UNISSUED** stamp - fully SG + Scott noted - Cat $525, for just *$A70* each MUH!:  1991 Health Campaign, 65� UNISSUED value, depicting �Less Healthier Food� at left.  A set of 5 stamps were printed by Walsall Security Printers in the UK, on the usual CA sideways watermarked paper.  On arrival of stock in the Solomons, it was decided not to issue this 65� value, as it was noted the more correct English term was of course - �Less Healthy Food�.  In error however, a small number of sheets were delivered to some remote Post Offices, and they were certainly used on commercial mail, and several clearly dated used in period pieces and stamps are recorded, from charity kiloware.  Full story here -  Used singles have fetched up to $760 each at auction.  I have 4 of them on piece, plus another Dolphin stamp, all with a clear LATA - March 12 - 1992� cds, dated part envelope to North America - see pic above.  This unique used multiple is just $A500 = $US310 (Stock 362C)  The last 2 loose singles Auctioned by Status Auctions got $670 and $760 each they confirm - see  Scott 693a, listed at $US350 = $A575 a mint single.  I was sold a block 6 fresh MUH, and I can sell a MUH margin Block 4, Scott cat $US1,400 (= $A2,300), for just $A280 (Stock 362JA) or a MUH single as pictured above, Scott Cat $A525, is just ~$US55 or: $A90 (Stock 362JB)






18 Carat Solid Gold and Sterling Silver German OTTO HUTT Fountain Pen, brand new: **$A250 off**!  I made a big wholesale buy from local Agent, Renniks/Lighthouse, to celebrate this exciting new product range, (established 100 years), and can offer to clients for $A255 off, at just $A999!   All German made, top end quality.  The superb gift for a partner, the Boss, someone special, or YOURSELF!   In stunning award winning Italian made gift/storage box, with slide out drawers, with polishing cloth, and Deluxe leather carry case, extra ink cartridges, and ink converter etc.  A hand numbered and timeless pen, for those who like the VERY finest things in life.  VERY expensive 18 carat solid GOLD nib - this is their TOP of the range pen.  This exact same pen was advertised in the current Australia Post Philatelic �Impressions� Deluxe catalogue, page 41, for $A1,254, and totally sold out fast - see and - full details of these pens on those links.  Comes with the popular Medium thickness nib. 

Save $250 on the nib pen at $A999 - indeed that is only $US700! (Stock 386LW)  The similar design Platinum/Sterling Silver body, with roller ball tip, also superb gift boxed (see PO link), is discounted $A150, and is only $US600 - $A850 (Stock 386LX)





Australia Post Yearbooks 1988-96 - Cost $477, Retail $710, for just $375!  Clean looking lot I bought from an Estate this afternoon.  Many still have stamps in PO Hangers, and have never been touched since purchase.  NINE books at just over $43 a book - and it includes the scarce 1988!  But at WAY under the PO cost, and near HALF my $710 retail - - One-Off Special at just $A375!  All in the matching hard slipcases.  Nice run, nice condition, at more than $100 UNDER what they cost from PO.  Huge face value.  Estate lot of Australia Post yearbooks 1988 to 1996, PO issue cost $477, and retail value $710!  (Also from same Estate I have 2000 to 2006, at an INSANE low price - ask me!)  $A375 (Stock 147YP)



Australia 1959 3/- Waratah Flower presentation Die Proof:  Most attractive imperforate Die Proof, in the issued colour, mounted in a sunken frame, and a superb looking piece as you can see.  Only nine die proofs were ever prepared, and issued to a few VIP�s.  One of which is in the Queen�s Royal Collection and another is in the Australia Post Archive collection etc.  Others went to The Governor General of Australia, The Postmaster General,  Director-General of the PMG, and so on.  ACSC, 372DP(1), $A2,500.  A superb buy, of a mega rare piece, yet at under HALF Cat - $A1,200 (Stock 693LQ)






Yemen Arab Republic, 1975 Revolution 25 Fils, Fully *Imperforate* Pane 50 MUH - Just $US5 each!!  12th Anniversary of Revolution : IMPERFORATE pane of 50 x 25 Fils denomination, depicting the 7th Century Al Janad Mosque - one of the world�s oldest.  Fine, fresh MUH.  Catalogue numbers for the normal issued perforated issue 13� x 14 are - SG #539, Scott #316 and Michel #1545.  Cannot see any other IMPERF versions of this about anywhere on the globe for sale, and a full sheet may well be unique - and after 44 years, none will turn up NOW!   Just $A7 each - indeed under $US5 apiece - superb ebayer opportunity to offer in imperf pairs and blocks 4 - an easy double or treble your money deal here surely? $A350 (Stock 492RJ)



Kangaroo 1913 2/- Brown CTO superb fresh full gum - $A225:  CTO Kangaroo prices have gone insane in recent times - single stamps selling for up to SEVEN times the recent ACSC prices.  So stamps like this one are worth grabbing NOW = ACSC 35wb, $A300 as cheapest CTO date, in average grade - which most are, with pulled perfs, and bad centering etc.  First Watermark - Superbly Fresh - been in Scotland all its life.  I keep EVERY Australian stamp in stock 1913-1980 and in FIVE grades for each, from Spacefiller to Superb Used, to suit EVERY budget.  I have EASILY the world�s largest stock of used Roos, normal and �OS�.  I have this exact stamp in stock from $35 to $400 in cost, depending on how fussy or non-fussy you are!  Contact me re your Australia USED gaps.  Read up on Used Kangaroo Grading here -  The reason Grange Hermitage red wine sells for $500 a bottle, and rough reds are always $5 a bottle, is the same as VFU stamps - some savvy folks in life recognise real quality - and will gladly pay a tad extra for it!  $A225 (Stock 462KY)  



Papua New Guinea 1994
 Rare �Emergency Overprints�:  



Papua New Guinea 1994 "Emergency Overprints" stamp sets 11 or 20:  I have always had the largest stock of these overprints in the world.  Buy DIRECT from the original "source"!  Thousands of collectors NEED this set to complete their collections, as all album pages on the planet have spaces for them.  Only 45,000 sets were ever printed, NONE were ever sold by the agents, the Papua New Guinea Bureau, or even Australia Post.  Nearly all were used up on genuine commercial mail.  Not discovered by the stamp world until months after all the key values were all used up on mail!  I first reported their existence to the stamp world.  "Set of 11" - SG # 730/740. Michel # 714 -724. Scott # 860/871.  ASC Cat $A420, for the basic set 11 alone.

Definitive sets like the 1967 Anguilla overprints set 16 are already cat at �25,000 mint in Stanley Gibbons - and Anguilla has NOTHING like even 1% of the global collector following of PNG - think about it!  This PNG set has a LONG way to go yet - that seems very clear.  For very detailed and comprehensive background on this issue, with all numbers printed etc - see my special page on these issues:   WEB SPECIAL - set of 11 (ASC Cat $420!) for just $A200 ~$US120 (Stock 928XG) or Fine Used set 11 for $A140 (Stock 928XH)   Complete Set 20 as illustrated for $A300 ~$US180 (Stock 928XL) or the Set of 20 Fine Used for just $A185 (Stock 928XP)

Finally - all the 1994 "Emergency" sets I sell are of course guaranteed 100% genuine.  You may ask for my Photo Certificate Of Genuineness on my security watermarked colour letterhead for this set of 11 or 20, mint or used, dated and signed, illustrating in full colour the exact set I mail you.  If required, this CERTIFICATE costs you an extra $A70 (Stock 928ZW) on top of price of the stamps, largely to cover the considerable time and messing around of individually preparing each one, typing, and scanning etc.

This is substantially cheaper than sending it to the R.P.S. in London etc, which takes half a year to get back, and also incurs substantial Registered airmail cost to you - in both directions.  And quite frankly, the RPSL would not have a clue about these issues.  'Too Modern, Old Chap' they would sniff!  Years down the track when the set sells for a multiple of what it does now, such a certificate Guaranteeing these came from original PNG sources in 1994/5 will add FAR more than $A70 to the extra price you obtain when selling. (Stock 928ZW)

This month's Special - I have ONE set of MUH blocks 4 of the rare set 11, discounted from $A1,250 to $A995 (Around $US600!) � Stock 928ZK    



Australia Post Stamp Year Books 1983-2004 (22) at *$1,200 UNDER RETAIL*!:  WEEKEND SCOOP - 22 Years of PO Year Books near HALF PO cost!  Amazing buy I made from an Estate today. 1983 to 2004 - 22 different PO books, the books and stamps all look clean (for a change!) as they were stored in Broken Hill which is thankfully very dry, with no humidity. Owner wisely had removed the flimsy plastic outer PO shipping covers � stamps �sweat� in there if you do not, and get rusty/foxed. Many folks fall for that mistake.  Actual PO Cost was $1,227 and Retail is $1,925 as you can see here -

Photos above are just a few books - we all know what these books look like. You get the years mentioned. 1983-2004 complete - 22 different albums.  For ebayers - a superb proposition - from 2000 on are RED HOT ... the 2000 for instance cost $87.50 from PO and sells on its own for $100+, all day long, as it has the special Olympic Games Gold Medal Winners sheetlet of 16, that ONLY came in this superb album.  Actual PO cost was $1,227 and near HALF that at $A725.  The FACE VALUE is just on $900!  So you are paying near $200 UNDER FACE for superb MUH stamps in full sets in Deluxe Books in slipcases.  All packed up neatly in 1 large carton to keep your mail costs down.  Ozzie buyers ONLY, due to 22KG weight.  Quick turnover is always my game, and this is the BEST bargain I have typed up this week! $A725
(Stock 793GW)





1920 1/- Kangaroo Third Watermark - *SIDEWAYS*:  One of only a few sideways watermarks ever issued in Australia - some of them are 5 figures.  Clean and fresh FU, good perfs for these, and with Melbourne cds.  These sideways watermarks are only recorded as being on sale in Sydney and Melbourne GPOs for a short time.  SG 40ba, 400 = $A800. $A275 (Stock 593JQ)





Lebanon 1968 Antiquities MS Perf + Imperf x 10 each!  SG $1,300 for $A150:  Amazing little hoard I bought from the Estate of an old chap who had Lebanese heritage.  He presumably bought them as a New Issue?  Tyre Antiquities Mini Sheet, depicting the Roman Banquet Bas Relief.  Superb intaglio, engraved recess printed issue.  TEN of each Perf AND imperf, fresh MUH. (20 x MUH Mini Sheets)  Ebay re-seller dream deal - WHO else has these for sale?!  Bought cheap, so out they go at near 10% of Gibbons!  SG MS #1018 - cat �33 each - Perf or Imperf = �660 = $A1,300.  $A150 (Stock 435BL)




Your number one source for USED Kangaroo Stamps!

For well over 40 years, I have held the largest stock of used Australia KGV heads and Kangaroos in the world.  From poor to superb.  Many collectors find it really tough to sort and source these by watermark, and shades, and Dies accurately.  In the early 1980's I ran dozens of full page ads in the 2 local magazines listing EVERY key Australian stamp in 5 different grades from "Spacefiller" to "Superb".  Even the 1913 Mega Scarce �2 Roo.  Not one dealer has done that kind of ad - before or since.  😊

My grading is precise, my stock is enormous, and I have assisted many THOUSANDS of collectors complete their sets of these difficult issues.  From budget conscious pensioners filling 5 albums for their grandchildren, where space-fillers of scarcer values will suffice absolutely perfectly, to multi-millionaires who want and buy the BEST - from cars and houses .... to their stamps!  You may not be able to afford to LIVE as well as Hugh Morgan or Sir Ron Brierley does, or drive a Bentley like they do, but your used Roos can look JUST as nice!

If you want a complete set of "Melbourne Dec 3, 1913" half circle gloss black cancels on First Watermark - I can supply them.  If you want the full gum corner CTO from later Specimen packs I can help. (All these are now listed in the ACSC as CTO, and priced accordingly, per type.)  If you want just lovely postally Superb Used like those in the photo nearby - I have always been the #1 choice to buy from.  I have 1000's just like them.  Read my recent stamp column about WHY you should collect USED stamps in this country -

Unlike mint, used stamps do not tone or rust nearly as fast - and are readily �cleaned� if they do!  And unlike mint - no-one goes about regumming used Kangaroos!!  And when it comes to filling gaps in high value Roos, opting for USED, even lovely copies, will cost you a TINY FRACTION of what mint hinged will.  So it is VERY possible to fully complete your used Roo collection.  Mint hinged will cost you $30,000.  USED are a tiny fraction of that, as you can see below.

I purchased Private Treaty from Harmers Of Sydney in 1980, the massive H .F. McNess accumulation of used "OS" perfins.  He was obsessed with accumulating these issues, and had books full.  I still have much of this stock.  This was at a time when perf "OS" were poorly regarded by collectors and dealers alike.  Not me.  I still have multiple copies of items that most dealers have never seen or handled genuine examples of, like - 4d Lemon Yellow, �d and 1/4d Small Multi perf 14,  KGV No Wmk pair,  Roo 2�d and 4d Yellow 1st Wmks etc.

I was the person who got the �2 Small Multiple perf �OS� Roo listed into the ACSC after 75 years, by proving beyond doubt 2 totally genuine copies did exist.  One of which I bought from a WW2 assembled collection.  (The used Arthur Gray copy, who owned the other, then sold for $A40,000.)  These �OS� perfins (especially First Wmk) are usually HORRIBLE looking stamps.  

The stamp printer directed that badly centered sheets of stamps, too poorly produced for sale to the public, be put aside, and be perforated �OS� for these �nuisance� Free Government Official stamps.  That makes CHOICE copies about one in a 100 of the higher 1913 values above 3d.  And do note - all perf �OS� sold by ME are genuine, from the massive H.F. McNess hoard I bought etc.  Do not TOUCH 90% of what you see on eBay.  Read the ENDLESS eBay fakes exposes here - 


Australian dealers in general are pretty lazy and slap-dash and vague with used stamp terminology.  The Term �FU� is applied to ANYTHING, with any cancel, most times!  Loosely translated it means �NOT MINT.�  Convenient for them - yes.  Accurate - NO!  Entire price lists headed �Fine Used� exist.  However they often mean if you order �FU� and the dealer has a single copy in stock that is truly graded AVERAGE used, you�ll be cheerily supplied with that unless you complain - end of story.  As for private sellers ... �rust and toning and foxing - what's that�??  Is a 3 mm tear, pinhole, or bad corner crease worth mentioning - of COURSE not!  "Is that a paper thin, or the watermark - let�s say watermark"  as it will sell for more. "What is re-perfing?" - they do not know (or care), and you do not know.  The Blind leading the Blind in many cases.  😊

I have FIVE specific USED grades in my stock - from Spacefiller Grade, to Superb Used Grade.  You pay for, and GET exactly WHAT grade suits your collection best.  Warning - the very TOP grade �SUPERB USED� sets are incredibly tough to assemble, as you might imagine, and are priced accordingly, and can take quite a time to assemble and ship.  Ask FIRST.  The other 4 grades below are good to go right now, when you order.  For MOST buyers, �Clean Good Used� is actually perfect.  Better than MOST dealer�s �VFU� grading!

"Instant Kangaroo Collection�:  I�ve assembled full sets of 34 different Roos in EVERY Watermark.  1st and 2nd Wmks to 1/-,  3rd Wmk to BOTH 2/- colours, Small Multi Wmk to 2/-,  CofA Wmk to 5/-, and even both the 6d �OS� overprints - which are actually VERY scarce used, but are needed for EVERY printed album.  Melbourne retail for these same 34 stamps in normal used condition is over $A950.  ACSC cat is way higher.  Buy just the EXACT grade that suits your budget, and collecting requirements as follows:  (Order as stock number 245RU and specify GRADE.)

Spacefillers - $A225   Average Used - $A400   Nice Good Used - $A575   Clean FU - $A900  Or for the perfectionist - hand selected Superb Used complete set of 34:  $1,450.   And I also have great stocks of the higher face values than these - and the best stock in Australia of Perforated �OS� Roos - all GUARANTEED GENUINE unlike the ebay Forgery Factory.  Also I have great stock of the Stanley Gibbons listed watermark errors, perfs, shades, Dies, and SG listed printing varieties etc.  Please enquire. - (Order as stock number 245RV and specify your wanted GRADE.)

Roo "Upgrade" Kit:  Add the real key values to the Roo set above.  Add the 1913 2/- First Watermark,  the 2/- Second Watermark,  and both the scarce 5/- Third Watermark, and Small Multiple Watermarks.  And last but not least, add the 10/- CofA to your page.  These five scarce stamps are missing from near all collections.  The 10/- Roo is going up in price strongly each year.  ACSC Cat for �normal� average used grade for just these 5, in very cheapest shades is $1,350!  So the attractive Good Used set at $675 is HALF CAT.   😊

My price for these 4 stamps:  Spacefillers - $A325  Average Used - $A500   Nice Good Used - $A675   Clean FU - $A950  Or for the perfectionist - a hand selected SUPERB Used complete set of 5: $A1,500  - (Order as stock number 245RW - and specify your wanted GRADE.)

This offering above is just a tiny "taste".  The prices on this page for these collections supersede any of my other prices on the web.  I will gladly price ANY used single stamp you need, and naturally all the later issues.  Whether KGV Heads sets of 72,  5/- Bridges, Kookaburra Mini Sheets, �1 Thin paper Robes, �2 Navigators etc.  I have them ALL in 5 condition grades.  I stock Australia 100% complete, 1913-1985, in used condition.  And I have all these above in MINT of course � and MUH.  Let me quote you!  Glen




STAMP SHEET of 10 - Leonadis SAMPANIS, Greece Olympic Medal Winner Stripped by IOC:  2004 Athens Olympics. The Greek Post Office (ELTA) in 2004, decided to copy what Australia pioneered successfully in 2000, and issue an "Instant" digital print stamp for every Olympic medal winner from Greece. In fact the design is VERY similar to the 2000 Australian issues as you can see. Like Australia, at a later date, offset copies were also printed of medal winner stamps.  This idea proved a great success in Greece, and the general public were the ones out there buying these issues for patriotic reasons etc. Only a small percentage of these will ever re-enter the stamp market. The controversial stamp above was issued to honour the Olympic Medal Win of Leonidas Sampanis in the 62 Kilo weight class of Weightlifting.  Sampanis won his medal on Monday 16 August, and the stamps were on sparing sale in limited offices the next day, starting Tuesday August 17.

Sampanis later failed his drug test (twice) and on Sunday 22 August the IOC stripped him of his medal. Consequently, on Sunday August 22, ELTA ordered that all remaining stamps be taken off sale nationally, and immediately returned to their central office and NONE were to be sold. Today these stamps are very Rare as only a handful made it into circulation.  You do that math yourself! Not large numbers at all for any issue much less an OLYMPIC one. Nearly all stamp sales were to the general public, and tourists via this initial distribution. Many were used on mail and postcards as the 65� rate covered airpost worldwide.  Bought this MUH sheet in a decease Estate this week. Owner had bought it off Max Stern who sold it for $500 - they are still on sale there as you can see for $A500 - - Bought well, I am selling this A5 Mint Unhinged Sheetlet of 10 stamps at $A200
(Stock 637PE)




A True �Modern RARITY� set has JUST been issued:  Australian domestic postage letter rates were hiked outrageously by 40% on January 4 here.  The entire country is on holiday then, and the increase was bungled big-time by head office.  No-one there had the brains to reprint up front, a ton of 30� Crocodile definitive values to have on hand as �make-up� in each state, to up-rate all current 70� stamps, to the new $1 rate.  The Australia Post Distributor of Stamps in Adelaide totally ran out of 30� stamps the first day the letter rate increased to $1 - on Monday, 4 January 2016.  To alleviate this shortfall and appease angry clients holding 70� stocks, the Adelaide GPO frantically printed up a very small Emergency issue of 30� Counter-Printed peel and stick Stamps. (�CPS�)  Only a few 1000 sets were made.

They used a 22 year old �CPS� (Counter Printed Stamp) machine, that was only used once a year for the small stamp show souvenir stamps etc.  Adelaide is the only state to have retained one. (All states got one in 1994!)  Distribution of these Emergency 30� stamps began on 5th January to dozens of suburban Adelaide POs urgently seeking 30� values.  So the earliest potential sale date was 6th January as offices received them, and started selling their stock. Supplies of 30� Crocodile stamps were back in the stocks of the Adelaide Distributor Of Stamps from Melbourne, by Friday 8th January, and
NO more 30� counter-printed stamps were produced - and this has been confirmed by AP.  At no time in history has any CPS machine been used for other than current letter rate I understand. This set was a �First� in very many ways.   

There was zero advance notice given of these 30� Emergency issues, and no philatelic stocks were put aside, or sold to ANYONE.  No FDC sets exist.  A sharp eyed Adelaide collector noticed them at his local PO, and �the hunt was on�!  This is the very first time since Federation in 1901 that the Australian Post Office has printed an Emergency postage stamp issue of any kind.  Only a few 1000 sets were sold.  It was 100% official, it was sold for face value at dozens of large POs for a couple of days, and they were widely used on commercial mail.  Many genuine covers, and lots of postally used copies have turned up in Kiloware.  They will be, and are now listed and priced thus, mint and used, in major catalogues at up to $A4,500 per set 6.  The PNG items of exactly the same background are listed of course - and at very HIGH prices globally, despite a huge 45,000 sets being produced and sold.        

Stamp Dealer legend here Rodney Perry, has described this Adelaide Emergency 30� issue of 6 as a �Modern Rarity� several times, and I�d totally concur.  More discussion on them here, with all the national Fairfax and News Limited media, news and radio story links on them -  A 30c SINGLE stamp on a commercial cover to Melbourne sold for an unbelievable $1,700 to a medico -  with 67 frantic bids!  A totally philatelic cover, non-mailed, sold for $1,880 - with 37 bids -  A set a client bought off me for a few $100 this year, sold soon afterwards for $5,000 -   

The highest price I have seen actually OBTAINED for a set of 6 on ebay is $A8,990 - -  face value $1.80 - about 5,000 times face valueA standard set sold Feb 15 for $3,200 -  A mint �2 Kangaroo only costs that!  I learned about this issue by chance at the very outset, and nabbed a handful of sets from my various long term collector contacts in my home town Adelaide, as I acted fast and paid HIGH!  �Linn�s Stamp News� in the USA had this Front Page, and as their most viewed story that week - - Gave an 11 minute interview with Radio 2GB - highest rating radio station in NSW by a margin of 30% - full tape here -  And they featured on the lead story in a recent edition ion of the biggest selling German stamp magazine �BRIEFMARKEN SPIEGEL� and had a large piece in a recent �Gibbons Stamp Monthly�.

These ARE now fully catalogued in Gibbons, SG 4492/4497 and are listed at $4,500 a set 6 Mint, and $3,000 used (4242/4248) in the mass selling Renniks �Stamps Of Australia� catalogue.  I have just a few complete sets of 6 MUH left for sale - just $A330 a stamp, for something that maybe 150 or so full mint sets exist of globally, as I type.  I mailed a set on 6 covers to the Russian Air Force Base to the Commander of the orbiting �ISS� MIR Space Station, taken to him on a supply flight - he is a keen collector and ordered them!  There are 2 underlying stamp design types - Type �A� and Type �B�.  (Outlined on link above)  Latter costs 15% more ($A2,300 - Stock 572GR) , or both sets 6 together, save $200, for $A4,100 (Stock 572GC)  I have one flat joined strip of 6 - in scarce Type �B� luckily, for $A2,400 (Stock 571GK)  A set 6 is only about $US1,500 a set as I type this (I accept paypal in USD � ask me!), and is $1,000 or so LESS than some recent ebay sales, but only for those who act FAST: $A1,995 (Stock 572GY)  Or, the identical designs set of 6 �$1.00 ADELAIDE 2016� that were also sold out fast, for $A75 a set 6 (Stock 571GX) or 10 sets 6 of those for dealers/investors for $A500 (Stock 571GY)



 And don�t forget, 50 CHEAPER lots under $100, I list up each week HERE -


REALLY IMPORTANT - for regular visitors to this page (which changes weekly - sometimes daily) your computer generally "caches" the old version. Which means you only see today the PREVIOUS page content you already looked at - NOT the new lots.  Hitting "Refresh" does NOT in general update this page. To quickly get around this, press the "F5" key found along the top row of your keyboard.  BINGO - all the exciting new material will now load! Try it and see.   Also allow a while for the new lots to then load up.



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