Get $A101 stamps in stamps of your choice FREE!



Get $A101 stamps in stamps of your choice FREE!



Yes this offer all probably sounds “too good to be true” I realise, but you have my personal guarantee this is FOR REAL!

I have known Andrew McGavin for 40 years, and we have done a lot of good business between us, and he is totally honest and trustworthy in my long experience.  He is a proud sponsor of and a member there, and I hope you support him.  One of the Good Guys in stamps!

He runs a mega successful stamp Empire, with DOZENS of full time staff -

Andrew produces MASSIVE catalogues of stamp material a few times a year - 100s of A4 pages thick, with masses of full colour plates.  Pages of eye watering rare stamps and collections - all with sensible estimates, and you can bid as low as 80% Estimate.

Here is the deal – he has allowed me to make this offer to my clients.

The absolutely huge UPA catalogues are normally £20 each posted, unless you are a regular bidder - and cost a TON to mail and print, as you can imagine, as they are super heavy.

Around £2 MILLION of estimates each sale - covering more than 20,000 individual lots, from EVERY country you have ever heard of - and heaps that you likely have not!  The estimates range from £5 to £5,000 each lot, and there are masses of A4 pages of sharp colour images of them in each catalogue. 

Ask for one of these massive catalogues free, via this UPA direct contact link - and they will then mail you the next one airmail FREE globally, to the address that you input in there.

Spend £75 in that, or a future auction, and he takes £55 off your bill - you then get about $A100 of stamps of your choice FREE on your first purchase.  So most of your first purchase will cost ZERO.  No tricks, no catches, and no added VAT taxes even - and all purchases are covered with his no quibble 30 day returns guarantee.   And purchases are sent Post Free Insured globally as well, unless they are heavy lots. 

The last sale had about 2,000 different bidders, from 50 different countries.  Now THAT is impressive, and proves this system works, and his material is consistent good value.  He has been running these sales for MANY decades.

Best of all Universal Philatelic Auctions (UK), like me charge NO NASTY “BUYER FEES”.  These totally onerous “add-ons” typically run around 20% extra these days, and then often local taxes or VAT etc, are added on top of that fee too! 

The German and Swiss auctions are absolutely terrifying with add-ons, and charges and taxes, and fake high shipping and Insurance rates.  They often charge a flat “Lot Fee” as well on top of all these!  THEN they charge up to 4% extra to use a credit card.  UPA, like me, do neither, and there is zero fee for paying for Visa, Mastercard or Paypal.  UPA even accepts $US currency checks.  

Auctions with all these fees can often see your invoice running 30% MORE than you actually bid.  Many buyers, weirdly, seem totally oblivious of all these greedy gouges, until they see their credit card statement!  Far too late then. 

Again, to get this special free catalogue deal, and thus have
£55 deducted off your first order, you MUST ask for a catalogue on this request link - -  This offer is simply a smart way to attract NEW clients.  They are limited of course to one offer per household, and bidders must be over 18, and reside in UK, USA, Western Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  Fair enough.

This is of course a LIMITED TIME OFFER, and I suggest you lock it in now before it expires, and the offer link is removed.  Pass it on to all your stamp collecting friends and at your Club - the easiest way to do that is send them the following link to this page to read it all, and then action if they wish, which is - totally free stamps of their choice from the 20,000 lots on offer each sale, for £55 value, and post and insured and tax free too, is a deal everyone is mad NOT to sign up for!!

Andrew figures that getting a new client is easily worth £55 to him, and clearly it works.  Most Banks globally give you 75,000 (or more) airline frequent flyer miles to open a new credit card account - and that works for them too!

Give it a go – around $100 of totally free stamps of your choice is a simply unbeatable offer - nowhere else on the planet offers this!



Post Office Box 4007,  CASTLECRAG (Sydney), N.S.W. 2068. Australia

Phone 7 Days: (02) 9958-1333.  PO Box 4007, Castlecrag. NSW. 2068

E-Mail:  and The Number #1 Web Sites:

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Full Time Stamp Dealer in Australia for over 40 years.

Life Member - American Stamp Dealers' Association.  (New York) 
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